11 Essential Blog Posts from February ’09

Just a reminder: These are blogs that I enjoyed reading, for whatever reason. Perhaps they were valuable for me, merely entertaining, thought provoking, were about something I’m interested in (i.e. relationship marketing, , social architecture, social media, etc.) or potentially something I thought my tribe would enjoy. As always, I would love feedback. Did you catch these posts during February? Did any of these resonate with you? What are some of your most recent favorite reads? Even better, what’s your favorite thing YOU wrote during February? Share it with me in the comments section.

Starting Your First Blog? 29 Tips, Tutorials and Resources for New Bloggers – Darren Rowse (Problogger)
Darren is one of the best sources online for blogging and also generating revenue from your efforts. In this post he’s collected and shared some of his post useful posts on starting a blog, writing content, promotion and monetization. Even if you’re an intermediate blogger, these links are worth checking out.

Encouraging Post Development and Links – Chris Brogan
This post just made me think about the way I approach blogging. If you want to continue evolving as a blogger, perhaps the technique Brogan talks about in this post is one you want to add to your arsenal, “Planting the seed to a good blog post is sometimes better than writing the entire post.”

Serving Suggestions – Chris Brogan
Sometimes it’s important to remember that our approach and the way we frame things matters to our readers/customers, etc. There are some great tidbits to take away from this fun post to read. My favorite is one that your bosses will certainly love, “Dave never wanted me to bring him a problem. He wanted me to bring him one or two recommended solutions to a problem.”

Dude, You’ve Got a Culture Issue, Not a Gen-Y Problem – Jessica Lee (Fistful of Talent)
I’m one of these demanding Gen Y’s that always wants to know “why.” Jessica hits the nail on the head, and I wish I could share this post (and her basketball analogy) to every manager that doesn’t understand that being critical without providing specific guidance is worthless.

How to Motivate Creative People – Mark McGuinness (Wishful Thinking)
This is a great post leading up to a solid series on motivating people. The curling analogy and the discussion surrounding how to demotivate people take the post to another level, one worth bookmarking and highlighting here. How many managers actually take the time to understand what makes their employees tick? Think about how powerful it would be to leverage that motivation to build the companies’ brand.

Fake Steve Jobs is Wrong About Blogging – Anita Cambpell (Small Business Trends)
This post is great because it’s a reminder that there’s a lot more to blogging than just writing the content. Anita offers some great advice on treating your blog like a business, and shares a great quote from Matt DiPietro of Federated Media on the complexity of creating a business based blog.

30+ Websites to Visit When You’re Laid Off – Ben Parr (Mashable)
I suspect some of my readers may have been laid off, and another small contingent are college graduates still looking for their first gig after college. If this is you, Ben has put together some great resources to find support, manage money, earn short-term cash, and actually finding a job. Chances are you can find something that will help you here.

Overcoming Time Famine Understanding Time vs. Money and Ideas on Time Management from Randy Pausch – Your Money Mogul
I enjoyed this short, yet powerful post that reminds us that time, not money is our most valuable asset. This is something that I’ve finally started to believe, and the strategy outlined here for determining what your time is worth, and deciding how you can buy more time is a valuable one. If you’re really interested in this topic I suggest reading Tim Ferris.

How Adding a Tailored Sound Bite to My Resume Doubled Interview Requests – Monica O’Brien (Personal Branding Blog)
Here’s something I never realized throughout my entire graduate school tenure when I was sending my resume out. They all look the same, and in a large stack they all run together. It doesn’t matter how great your skills are if there’s not something that’s very unique about your resume, or really conveys why you’re great for that company, it’s irrelevant. Monica’s notion of sound bites is a great way to quickly communicate a value proposition to the person or company you are selling to. Add one to your resume today.

Creative Encouragement and Following Passion – Sacha Chua (SachaChua.com)
I love this short story from Sacha because I think more high school and college students need to follow their passions instead of money (and partying.) If more parents helped their kids by asking them the right questions and forcing them to think about what would most benefit them, I think students would be more prepared and more successful during college.

Thoughts on Paid + Earned “Media” – David Armano (Logic + Emotion)
I went back and added this post in because I remembered it primarily for this quote in the earned media section of David’s post, “… they can be set into action by triggers you’ve put in place. This could mean establishing a relationship, sharing news, seeding content, talking to, and in general interacting with the people who actually care about your product or even better the topics associated around them.” It’s a better way to create leads than cold calling, I promise.

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