15 Essential Blog Posts For April

Just a reminder: These are blog posts that I enjoyed reading, for whatever reason. Perhaps they were valuable for me, merely entertaining, thought provoking, were about something I’m interested in (e.g. social media) or potentially something I thought my tribe would enjoy. As always, I would love feedback. Did you catch these posts during April? Did any of these resonate with you? What are some of your most recent favorite reads? Even better, what’s your favorite thing YOU wrote during April? Share it with me in the comments section.

Beyond Life Hacks: Reusable Solutions to Common Productivity Problems – Gina Trapani (Lifehacker)
Procrastination = story of my life. We’ve all experienced it at some point. Gina diagnosis a number of problems (e.g lack of focus, repetitive tasks, interruptions, etc.), and then explains how to remedy each one. Some of these are extremely simple, but they all work.

Facebook Week: Facebook Resources, Analysis and Insights Ben Parr (Mashable)
If you’re trending towards Facebook, here are nine articles from the talented crew at Mashable covering everything from creating successful fan pages, to optimizing your brands presence on the platform.

Four Copywriting Techniques for Engaging Podcasts and Audio Presentations – Brian Clark (Copyblogger)
Most of us haven’t even mastered the written word yet, but if you’re like me an you’re always exploring new ways to deliver content to your readers Brian provides great insights on structuring your podcast and how each of the 4 techniques fits within that structure. I found that some of this could also cross over to video, making it extra valuable for me.

What’s Wrong with Corporate Social Media and How to Fix It – Jeremiah Owyang (Web Strategist)
I suspect you’ll get even more value out of this if you read all links Jeremiah provided (I’ve been meaning to), but I found value in just thinking about the ‘four major challenges of social media today.’ If you or your company can solve one or more of these definitively, I suspect you’ll be compensated nicely.

Stoicism 101: A Practical Guide for Entrepreneurs – Tim Ferriss/Ryan Holiday (4 Hour Work Week)
It’s important for me to hone both humility and self-control. Stoicism helps me with both and Ryan Holiday does a tremendous job explaining how the philosophy helps us overcome destructive emotions, and take action. He also touches on 3 other important exercises that will benefit any entrepreneur, business man, or just someone trying to improve their own life.

10 No-Cost Ways to Recognize Employees – Jim Stroud (The Recruiter’s Lounge)
These are 10 great ways that would benefit any organization, but the two that stick out most to me are, “allow flexibility,” and “give feedback.” Not sure if that’s my Gen-Y coming out, but flexibility enables me to work at peak performance time, and feedback helps me get better at what I do. Which resonate most with you?

Use the Gifts You’re Given – David Armano (Logic + Emotion)
I subscribe to the same theory –> “This is something I have to remind myself. You’re given a select set of abilities in this world which you can either nurture or ignore. You have to work with what you have, this is a moment of clarity that can make all the difference. And what about the things you wish you could do? That’s where you surround yourself with the people who complement you.”

50 Content Ideas that Create Buzz – Valeria Maltoni (Conversation Agent)
What makes this post so powerful is that Valeria doesn’t just share applicable ideas for buzz-worthy content creation. She takes those ideas and illustrates each one with an example of how specific, familar marketers, entrepreneurs, etc. use these ideas for success.

27 Must Read Tips and Tutorials for Bloggers – Darren Rowse (Problogger)
As an intermediate blogger, I read Darren’s entire month long challenge for building a better blog, and got a lot out of it. This post was a valuable resource because it features 3 posts each from 9 uber talented bloggers chosen based on what they thought would be most helpful Darren’s readers looking to improve their blog.

50 Trigger Words and Phrases for
Powerful Multimedia Content
– Brian Clark (Copyblogger)
You’re competing with too many other people to get satisfied and complacent in your writing. In the never-ending search to incite more emotion and enhance your writing, check out these 50 words (separated by category) that will help your content stand out, and get your readers to take action.

Marketing In A Post-Consumer Era – David Armano (Logic+Emotion)
David explains, with help from the Economist that the face of marketing is changing, and now “the most successful social initiatives look less like marketing and more like some type of service or value add.” This isn’t anything we don’t know, but something we have to be sharing with our clients, our bosses ,etc.

An Industry Viewpoint: Social Media Services – Jermiah Owyang (Web Strategist)
With social media quickly becoming completely over saturated it’s necessary to stay in tune with the emerging trends. Jeremiah provides a great overview of the industry featuring service offerings, social media packages, considerations you should evaluate before hiring someone, and much more. Informative overview.

49 Creative Ways You Can Profit From Content Marketing – Sonia Simone (Copyblogger)
I enjoy participating in this space and learning new things, sharing them with you and having conversations, but at some point I will want to leverage all my content and work for monetary gain aside from consulting gigs. If you’ve ever thought about monetizing some of your content (or creating new content for that purpose) Sonia’s post is a great resource full of ideas and approaches that might work for you.

You’re Nuts if You Believe Me – Seth Godin
This is something I’ve been thinking a lot about. It’s about taking the content others provide, asking the really hard questions, and then applying the knowledge we acquire from that thought process. It’s not about trying to do exactly what (insert big wig blogger here) is doing.

Extraordinary Impact – Valeria Maltoni (Conversation Agent)
Everyone is tired of being bombarded by marketing messages, and sometimes we get carried away and talk to much. Valeria provides 3 tips for changing our approach and bringing it back down for the customer. She also brings up an interesting point, “We connect with others so that we can reconnect with ourselves.” If you’re doing this, people will discover if they should be connecting to you.