15 Essential Blog Posts from Sept ’09

These are blog posts that I enjoyed reading, for whatever reason. Perhaps they were valuable for me, merely entertaining, thought provoking, were about something I’m interested in or potentially something I thought you all would enjoy. As always, I would love feedback. Did you catch these posts during September? Did any of these resonate with you? What are some of your most recent favorite reads? Even better, what’s your favorite thing YOU wrote during September? Share it with me in the comments section. Seriously, I’ll read it. I promise.

Slides: What’s the Future of Business – Jermiah Owyang (Web Strategist)
This is a short, but solid slide deck that will give you some insight into the role emerging technologies will play in the future of business. It includes how this affects leadership, communication, organizational structure, and more. And it also provides a nice introduction to the Altimeter Group.

Jim Collins & Charlie Rose Discuss Business & Great Companies – Mitch Joel (Twist Image)
I don’t watch many videos over 3 minutes long, but this one was definitely worth it. Collins discusses the undisciplined pursuit of more, how hubris leads to obsession of growth, and the truth about the ambition of those in power.

Essential Reading for Building Online Communities – Rich Millington (FeverBee)
Citing the fact that there’s not a definitive book out there yet on online communities, Rich recommends 10 of the best books regarding online community management.

Smart Targeting: Influencers or Fans? – Jeremy Epstein (Social Media Explorer)
Jeremy pushes back against traditional wisdom that going after influencers is the best strategy. He “humbly suggests that the ROI on identifying, cultivating, and activating your Raving Fans would be much higher.”

5 Ways to Market Like a Psychotherapist – Melissa Karnaze (Copyblogger)
“Don’t think in simplistic terms of selling products or services. Find the ideas and attitudes that you are really trying to sell. You’re not manipulating people to buy; you’re presenting them with ideas and attitudes that they can choose to adopt.”

My Icons – Ben Casnocha
Ben made a black-and-white portrait of nine people whose ideas or life-paths loom large in his life. I thought it was a cool exercise and enjoyed reading the quotes from the people who have influenced him along the way.

Hitting the Bullseye of Success – Christopher Penn (Awaken Your Super Hero)
Chris tells a great story with a metaphorical bow and arrow about how both luck/opportunity and skill/effort translate into success, as well as how to go about enhance skills and finding more targets.

I Know Kung Fu – Stuart Foster (The Lost Jacket)
“Direct marketing is pure offense. Inbound marketing is channeling people’s energy and using their input to your advantage. Each can be used effectively and will get you results. The effectiveness of direct marketing will eventually stagnate though, where as inbound marketing is a renewable resource.”

Bringing ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ to the Screen – Saki Knafo (New York Times)
Not exactly a blog post, but an awesome read if you’re interested in the movie: “I realized only then that it happens millimeter by millimeter,” he told me. “If you compromise what you’re trying to do just a little bit, you’ll end up compromising a little more the next day or the next week, and when you lift your head you’re suddenly really far away from where you’re trying to go.”

The Hierarchy of Success – Seth Godin
The hierarchy is as follows: 1.) Attitude 2.) Approach 3.) Goals 4.) Strategy 5.) Tactics 6.) Execution — How many people/companies do you know start with number or after? Read the post for the explanations.

Non-Obvious Guide to Finding a Great Job – Auren Hoffman (Summation)
10 pretty solid techniques for employing a proactive job search. Some of these include applying to the company as opposed to the job, dumbing down your resume, and doing something nutty and unorthodox.

A Fixed Income is a Sucker Bet – Steve Palina
“When you receive a fixed income, you’re actually creating a variable amount of value, but the income generated by your excess value is being siphoned off to line someone else’s pockets. They’re profiting from your ignorance.”

The Platform vs. The Eyeballs – Seth Godin
“Compared to the cost of renting eyeballs, buying a platform is cheap. Filling it with people eager to hear from you… that’s the expensive part. But if you don’t invest in the platform, you’ll be at a disadvantage, now and forever.”

And these two have nothing to do with marketing at all, but I stumbled across them and thought they were pretty funny and worth sharing. The latter is probably not safe for work. Cheers!

Love is Funny: Awesomely Bad Engagement Photos – the_mean_bean (Guidespot)

Weirdest Questions Asked on Yahoo Answers – Nimda (Wild Ammo)


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