#SXSWh 2013 Highlights Including 5 Ways Digital will Disrupt Healthcare

As a marketer working in the healthcare space, I spend a lot of time thinking about the patient journey.

As someone with a digital background, I spend a lot of time thinking about how digital health can positively influence that journey.

I was fortunate enough to attend South by Southwest this year and spent the vast majority of my time at #SXSWh (Health) panels.

Check out the embedded slidedeck for some of my favorite takeaways from 2013’s South by Southwest’s Health track:

In addition, here are 5 ways marketers can use digital health to help disrupt and transform the patient experience, while simultaneously strengthening patient advocacy.

  1. Connect patients to each other and other health care professionals.
  2. Leverage gamification to educate and motivate people on the importance of prevention strategies.
  3. Share compelling patient stories to reduce the complexity of healthcare language and information overload.
  4. Use mobile and wearable technologies to aid habit formation (ex: improving medication adherence).
  5. Employ telehealth consultations to cut costs and reduce the amount of time patients spend in the hospital.

Regulatory, privacy, and infrastructure challenges will continue will continue to impact the healthcare industry; however, some organizations will embrace risk as a competitive advantage. As a result, they’ll be primed to change the landscape as we know it.

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