How Career Builders Choose the Right Path

In November of 2012 I decided to join professional network/entrepreneurial brain trust.

The rationale was simple, successful people don’t succeed on their own.

There are two parts to the program:

  • Monthly interviews with a wide array of brilliant people, masters and advisors that have helped countless people with productivity, health, psychology, and more
  • Membership to an exclusive community of ambitious professionals to hold you accountable, encourage you, and help you live a Rich Life


I read as much (or more) than anyone I know, but reading is a time consuming endeavor.

This brain trust provides access to knowledge, wisdom and proven strategies that top performers use to…

  1. Get more done
  2. Stay focused
  3. Earn more money

Below are my notes/key takeaways from Ben Casnocha, discussing, among other things, how career builders choose the right path:

  • The fastest way to become the person you want to be is to hang out with people already that way.
  • On balancing your life:

Balancing your life is about balancing exposure to novelty and focus

  • Cheryl Sandberg says, “I don’t have a career plan.”
    • Career plans limit your options in today’s world –> stay flexible
  • Ben’s tip for deflecting a question he doesn’t know (or doesn’t want to answer) = “That’s not for me to say.”
  • 3 things to keep in mind when thinking about your career:

3 things to keep in mind when thinking about your career

Leverage your network

  • Ben’s tips for being a better conversationalist:
    1. Ask follow ups
      • Don’t bring it back to yourself
      • Go one step deeper (ex: What made that book better? Why?)
    2. Remember the other person is human
    3. Volunteer something personal to get something back
    4. Genuinely care about the answers
    5. Love the complexity of human beings
      • Surround yourself with people who are insanely curious
  • When trying to make an important decision, use the following framework:

Jeff Bezos' Regret Minimalization Framework

  • Here’s 5 Ways to Evaluate Tough Career Decisions
  • It’s the things you do every day that matter
  • Don’t be dissuaded by small, micro-failures
    • People are uncomfortable with uncertainty
  • Sit alone and contemplate ideas and how/what else you would apply them to
  • Brand You: Your brand is a signal of what people think of you
  • To change your brand, you must change your reality first.


If you’re tired of waiting for “some day” to take your life to the next level you can check out the Brain Trust here.


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