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The Community I’m Looking For…

I’ve joined my fair share of communities the last 3-4 years. The storyline is the same: A handful of intelligent people come along excited to connect with one another and make an impact. The community thrives at first as anywhere from 8-25 people start the same old topics you always see… What books have you […]

Taking Your Blog to the Next Level

Chris Brogan recently wrote a post entitled, “50 Ways to Take Your Blog to the Next Level.” First of all this is a phenomenal post and one that I will frequently revisit because I think it is a very valuable resource, particularly for someone trying to get over the hump. If you haven’t read it […]

Does Apple need a Community Evangelist?

This is something that I’ve been thinking about for the last couple of weeks, and thought it would make interesting conversation fodder. I was quick to judge OfficeMax’s viral video campaign (and hold true to my sentiment) despite the campaign’s great success, but it is tough to question companies that aren’t (in the scheme of […]