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How to Cure Anxiety With Play

I think it was the book that Charlie HAD to write, perhaps literally to save his own life.  – Ryan Holiday I don’t experience anxiety the way Charlie did before he wrote Play It Away: A Workaholic’s Cure for Anxiety, but I knew I needed to read this book. And not because I consider Charlie […]

The Case for Entrepreneurship

The case for entrepreneurship can be a compelling one. Let’s preface with the fact that after three years I still dig my day job. And I realize I’m fortunate in that respect. The vast majority of people I know who spend 1/3 of their waking life in a cubicle ultimately live for the weekend. But […]

Negotiating Right Hook Content via Gut Churn

I don’t watch many online videos. As I work to optimize my life for efficiency, I’ve tried to decrease my information diet and relentlessly prune things that aren’t actionable and don’t add long-term value. This is especially true for videos because of the time it typically requires to watch one. Unless it is essential for […]