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How Asking for Help Can Transform Your Life

Most of us are terrible at asking for help. We don’t want to seem weak, needy or incompetent. The problem is that our reluctance to ask for help can often turn a trivial problem into a hot mess. As an especially proud and stubborn person, I’m often guilty of spending countless hours troubleshooting a problem that […]

How to Cure Anxiety With Play

I think it was the book that Charlie HAD to write, perhaps literally to save his own life.  — Ryan Holiday I don’t experience anxiety the way Charlie did before he wrote Play It Away: A Workaholic’s Cure for Anxiety, but I knew I needed to read this book. And not because I consider Charlie […]

The Case for Entrepreneurship

The case for entrepreneurship can be a compelling one. Let’s preface with the fact that after three years I still dig my day job. And I realize I’m fortunate in that respect. The vast majority of people I know who spend 1/3 of their waking life in a cubicle ultimately live for the weekend. But […]

Negotiating Right Hook Content via Gut Churn

I don’t watch many online videos. As I work to optimize my life for efficiency, I’ve tried to decrease my information diet and relentlessly prune things that aren’t actionable and don’t add long-term value. This is especially true for videos because of the time it typically requires to watch one. Unless it is essential for […]