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Special Pre-Wedding Deal: 3 Questions for $10

I get married one month from today. I know. I know… It makes no sense that a woman would tolerate all my nonsense. We’ll save that discussion for another time. Said woman does her best to teach me about empathy, giving back, etc. Here’s the thing… I’ve been writing this blog since January of 2008. […]

Howdy. I’m a 2013 Graduate Seeking a Job In…

I’m a member of an alumni network on LinkedIn and I cringe every single time I see one of these posts: “Howdy! I’m a Dec ’12 Grad B-school grad looking for a job in marketing/HR/customer relations/project management. Any leads would be helpful.” Which happens to be just about every day. Yes, some of these posts […]

The Education of Millionaires Book Review

I’ve been waxing poetic on all the ways American education fails for over a year now. Not only do I find it disheartening that we still insist on the status quo of churning out compliant factory workers, but I’m empathetic to the plight of my peers who fell for the promise of higher education’s return […]

How to Find Your Passion in the Workplace

Ramit Sethi is getting ready to launch his dream job course. Ordinarily leading up to their product launches I temporarily unsubscribe from even my favorite bloggers because I get tired of the ‘hard’ sell; HOWEVER, lately Ramit’s free stuff has been superior to most people’s paid products so I’ve consumed and bookmarked as much I […]

“Who’s Got Your Back?” Book Review

Keith Ferrazzi is partially responsible for this blog existing. It was after reading Keith’s last book, “Never Eat Alone” that I transformed my thinking on relationship marketing and I started this little place on the web. Now, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of reading an advanced copy of Keith’s new book, “Who’s Got Your Back?” […]