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The Power of Charisma: How to Get People to Like You

In November of 2012 I decided to join professional network/entrepreneurial brain trust. The rationale was simple, successful people don’t succeed on their own. There are two parts to the program: Monthly interviews with a wide array of brilliant people, masters and advisors that have helped countless people with productivity, health, psychology, and more Membership to an […]

Special Pre-Wedding Deal: 3 Questions for $10

I get married one month from today. I know. I know… It makes no sense that a woman would tolerate all my nonsense. We’ll save that discussion for another time. Said woman does her best to teach me about empathy, giving back, etc. Here’s the thing… I’ve been writing this blog since January of 2008. […]

Howdy. I’m a 2013 Graduate Seeking a Job In…

I’m a member of an alumni network on LinkedIn and I cringe every single time I see one of these posts: “Howdy! I’m a Dec ’12 Grad B-school grad looking for a job in marketing/HR/customer relations/project management. Any leads would be helpful.” Which happens to be just about every day. Yes, some of these posts […]

The Impact Equation Book Review

I really like Chris and Julien, but I wasn’t a huge fan of Trust Agents. In their defense, I probably wasn’t their target audience. But because of that, I was fearful that I wouldn’t enjoy The Impact Equation. It was significantly better and much more actionable than their previous installment. The book aims to provide […]