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11 of the Best Social Marketing Healthcare Posts from 2012

In 2012 we really started seeing the proliferation of social/mobile into healthcare. This disruption will be critical in addressing the challenging economic and social issues that loom over the healthcare industry. If you fancy yourself a healthcare employee (or you’re just interested in where this space is headed), I hope these articles will provide both […]

Why Social Media “Scenes” Should Cease to Exist

Are you a member of your city’s “social media scene?” Do you regularly attend social media breakfasts? The reason you shouldn’t be a part of these “scenes” has nothing to do with the value you’re receiving by being involved and everything to do with the fact that social is ubiquitous now. It should be an […]

Stop Being Fooled by Vanity Metrics

Let me make this really simple for you. Would you rather have a Facebook page that has 500 fans in which 350 comment regularly, engage your content, share your content and return frequently? Or would you rather have a page that has 5,000 fans in which 100 people occasionally hit the “like” button? JCPenney doesn’t […]