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Top 10 Gen Y Blogs: February 2009

You voted. The results are in. As you know putting together the Top 10 Gen Y Blog list had become quite the chore so I decided to open the voting up to all of you guys, and I put together this ballot. I was really pleased with the amount of people who submitted ballots, and […]

Top 10 Gen Y Blogs: New Years Edition

As regular readers know, I try every couple of months to put together a list of my favorite top 10 Gen Y Blogs. Well on the last day of November I started trying to piece together a final 2008 edition with a bit of input from some of fellow Gen-Y Peers. [Thanks Ben, Meg, Ryan […]

Top 10 Gen Y Blogs: October 2008

Jonathan Fields posted this interesting tweet the other day, that had me thinking: My answer was essentially that with something I do not know very much about someone that filters and shares great content is just as valuable as someone creating something new. Though, if I know a lot about it, certainly I want something […]

The Top 10 Generation Y Blogs

Since becoming a member of Brazen Careerist, I have witnessed first hand the emergence of a number of generation Y blogs. The thing about Millennials is that they want their voices heard and collectively they are a very savvy and ambitious group of bloggers.I am proud to be a member of Generation Y and in […]