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25 Ways to Use Social Media in Sports

There is TONS of information in the blogosphere about various ways to utilize social media in the business world. But for every sports company out there actively using social media there’s countless Zappos and Ernst and Young’s that are well ahead of the curve. For whatever reason, sports haven’t been early adopters. The only thing […]

My Favorite Blog Posts From September

So I have some original content ideas planned for this blog in the near future, but my schedule hasn’t been conducive to completing them. With that in mind, let’s stick with the filtering and sharing great content theme we have going. Here are my favorite blog posts from September. [Just a reminder: These are blogs […]

Top 10 Gen Y Blogs: October 2008

Jonathan Fields posted this interesting tweet the other day, that had me thinking: My answer was essentially that with something I do not know very much about someone that filters and shares great content is just as valuable as someone creating something new. Though, if I know a lot about it, certainly I want something […]

25 Ways to Get a Job: Read ‘Never Eat Alone’

So I expressed in my last blog post that I had some cool things planned. I guess that’s debatable, but I do have some new, different things planned. I am a firm believer that bloggers should mix things up so that their content doesn’t get stale, and also experiment with different kinds of content. What’s […]