Ryan Stephens Marketing

Two Really Cool Guys Interviewed Me

Over the last week, I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to be interviewed by two of the coolest guys I know within the social media stratosphere. They both worked really hard on the interviews and I’m certainly biased, but I think they did a tremendous job bringing out my personality and setting me up to share […]

We’re All Like Play-Doh, Shape Us!

We all need to remember that we all come from different walks of life. Each of us shaped by different circumstances interwoven together to make up the very fabric that defines who we are. There are people who sacrifice it all to get to the top of their niche. Some are fulfilled, others question if […]

Top 10 Gen Y Blogs Ballot for April ’09

It’s that time again party people. Voting has opened for April’s Top 10 Gen Y blogs. You have until Friday March 27th, to submit your ballots. Recall the rules: Below is the ballot featuring all the blogs that received votes last month. This is the easiest way for me to do the ballot. You’re more […]

The Best Salespeople …

… find ways to build genuine relationships. I always say that you have to approach people the way they want to be approached, but sometimes your employer might force you to do things their way. In these instances you can still customize the experience to make it authentic, to make it your own. Some of […]