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Does Apple need a Community Evangelist?

This is something that I’ve been thinking about for the last couple of weeks, and thought it would make interesting conversation fodder. I was quick to judge OfficeMax’s viral video campaign (and hold true to my sentiment) despite the campaign’s great success, but it is tough to question companies that aren’t (in the scheme of […]

One of the Primary Reasons I Blog

I mentioned just the other day that I write my blog as much for me as for you. That said, there’s countless reasons that I blog, but one of the primary reasons I blog is because I’m passionate about connecting with, and helping people. I realize that a lot of the big guns probably get […]

Networking: Pick up the Phone

Just the other day I read that in order to truly connect and form an authentic relationship with someone you need to reach out to people in at least three different methods, typically via email, the phone and a face-to-face meeting. [For the life of me I cannot recall where I read this, Keith’s Ferrazzi’s […]

Welcome Readers of Seth Godin

Welcome Readers of Seth Godin, First Thing is First I realize that my PDF [All PDFs here if you don't know what I'm talking about] isn’t as pretty as most of the others. This was by design. In retrospect, I should’ve made a pretty header with a picture (or at least gotten someone else to; […]

Do You Separate Yourself from the Clutter?

Separate yourself from the clutter. Again. Separate yourself from the clutter. It sounds simple, yet so many companies are incapable of doing it successfully. My favorite bar is my favorite bar because nobody goes there. I can go typically at any point during the week and have virtually no wait for a drink and my […]