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21 Essential Blog Posts from October

Apparently working on numerous consulting projects and finishing up your last semester of graduate school is not conducive to finding time to blog. For that, I want to apologize to my readers. I’m so gracious for all of you that read and comment on this blog, and I truly THANK YOU as you bare with […]

Three Ways to Spice Up Shallow Content

Megan Berry recently discussed the notion that online content and communication is progressively getting shallower. She admits to only reading the first page of an article and skimming the rest. I’ve been guilty of skimming articles that have a high word count as well, but this often has more to do with the quality than […]

25 Ways to Use Social Media in Sports

There is TONS of information in the blogosphere about various ways to utilize social media in the business world. But for every sports company out there actively using social media there’s countless Zappos and Ernst and Young’s that are well ahead of the curve. For whatever reason, sports haven’t been early adopters. The only thing […]