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Because of my new job with Sports Media Challenge I have been making an effort to spread my Twitter reach outside of just the social media world and into the sports community. If you’re like me and you’re looking to connect with some of the top Twitter influencers, this list should get you started.

I want to thank Ron Goch (even though he insisted I didn’t have to) from The Telios Group who took a peak at the initial list that I put together and added a few more names.

Keep in mind that under no circumstances is this list comprehensive. In fact, I’m fairly certain I missed some people. So please, by all means if I left someone out, let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to maintain this list and keep it up to date as a resource for people looking to connect with sports marketing people on Twitter.

List compiled by # of Twitter followers:

@ShannonPaul – Social Media for the Detroit Red Wings
@RonGoch – Founder, The Telios Group, sports marketing & consulting
@PhoenixSunsGirl – Director of Digital Media & Research for the Phoenix Suns
@Question_Mark – Sports category editor at hubdub.com
@EricKelly – Owner Triumph Sports Apparel
@LewisHowes – Owner of Sportsnetworker.com & LinkedIn Consultant
@Bleacherbroaj – Co-Founder of the Bleacher Bros Sports Network
@Tiffy643 – Writer, Media/Publicity Junkie and all-around Sports Diva
@DrMollieMarti – Performance and Sports Psychologist
@DcSportsguy – Co-founder of StarBurbs an online sports network for athletes & fans
@KathleenHessert – Founder and CEO of Sports Media Challenge
@Ryanstephens – Sports Media Analyst at Sports Media Challenge
@ltbeyer – Social Media & Fan Outreach, PGA Tour
@Dewiel – EA Sports Community Manager
@Behindthejersey – Intern in the Wings PR dept & U-M athletic media relations dept.
@Raczilla – EA Sports Community Manager
@Bryanelliott1 – Chairman SoCal Action Sports Network
@Rscibetti – Sports Business Professional and Blogger
@Bizwriterkristi – Sports Biz reporter at Atlanta Journal-Constitution
@umassdilo – National Hockey League (NHL) Director of Corporate Communications
@APIsports – President/CEO of sports marketing firm, All Pro Imagery
@Buster_Sports – CEO Dan Ballard of Buster Sports Communications
@JasonPeck – Marketing manger for PrepChamps.com
@Cysticfibrosis – Boomer Esiason Foundation – Fighting Cystic Fibrosis
@TGTSports – Owner at TGT Sports & Marketing
@JasonSprenger – PR/media/sports marketing enthusiast
@Sandsseth – VP of Garbage Cans at Stateline Stadium Speedway, Inc

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  • Thank you for including me on your list. I think I’m following most of the people here, but I’m going to double check all of them now. There are some great resources listed here, so I would definitely follow them (and Ryan) on Twitter.


    admin Reply:

    @Russell – I was glad to include you on the list. Keep providing valuable content to the sports industry.


  • This is a great list and I follow a lot of these people, but it is almost exclusively USA based. Twitter is a worldwide platform and there are sports marketers everywhere.



    admin Reply:

    @David – I think you have a VERY valid point. I put the list together rather quickly and was certain I was missing people. When I approached Ron to offer his insight here’s an excerpt from my e-mail, “In order to keep the dialogue open I don’t want it to be all-encompassing.”

    I would love your suggestions on additional people to include from the worldwide spectrum.


  • Ryan, thanks so much for compiling such a great list of “Sports Marketing Tweeple”.

    A couple others worth mentioning are @PhoenixSunsGirl and @umassdilo – Michael DiLorenzo is the Corporate Communications Director for the NHL and he has really been taking a deep dive into Twitter as well as all things social media.

    Great work! Thanks again.


    admin Reply:

    @Shannon – Can’t believe I missed Amy. I love the work she does with the Phoenix Suns. I have updated the post and added both of the suggestions you mentioned. I appreciate your contribution to the list.


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  • bleacherbroaj no longer exists?

    Great list otherwise.



  • I’d second David’s point about the Americocentrism (I think that’s the term) of the list.

    I’m not brash enough or stupid enough to say that I should be on the list with my modest following, but I do think that we’ve got a good sport & exercise marketing platform over at iStadia.com (which is a global community).



  • What a great list–I was an intern for the Minnesota Twins for Spring Training and now interning for their Single A team, the Fort Myers Miracle.


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  • Don’t forget about @littlerbigE (rEvolution’s official twitter page)