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Your Favorite Way to Communicate Doesn’t Matter

  • What works for you doesn’t work for everyone.
  • It’s imperative to connect with people through the communication channels they prefer
  • You become a better communicator across a number of communication channels & platforms

So what did you think of my first video? Should I do more in the future?

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  • http://www.alt-mba.com Matt Cheney

    I’m digging the videos. Under two minutes. And right on with the message.

    I thought you were just hating on the David. Then BAM! Hit me with a great message on communicating, and actually something I need to get better at. I’m a GChat guy, so that’s pretty much all I use. My phone is for bill collectors.

    I should be reaching out to people who call me on the phone via phone. Or Twitter. Or everyone else should watch your video and hit me up on GChat.

    I’d like to see more videos. You’ve got some good energy.


    admin Reply:

    @Matt – I’m glad you enjoyed the video, and as always I really appreciate your opinion. You’ve rubbed shoulders with a lot of really influential people, and I know you’ve learned a lot as a result. Looking forward to learning more from you in the future!


  • http://charliehoehn.com Charlie

    Attaboy! How do you like doing video? Out of curiosity, how many takes did you do? I still suck at videos so it takes me forever to do one.


    admin Reply:

    @Charlie – I LOVED doing the video, and hopefully it’ll be something I continue to do in the future. And for the record, it was the second take. The 1st was fine too, but I had done it the day before right after I finished working out and decided against the sweaty look for my 1st video.


  • http://nishachittal.wordpress.com Nisha

    Is video-blogging the new in thing lately?? I like it though – great work and good point. Also: I am also extremely good at wasting time and I hate GTD. I picked up a couple good tips from that system which I still use, but other than that I totally agree it makes things way more convoluted.


    admin Reply:

    @Nisha – I have been wanting to do it for a LONG time, but just wasn’t sure what I wanted to talk about it or how I wanted to use it. When Rebecca ran with it, I decided “why not?”

    As for GTD, I’m going to finish it and see if I can pull a few solid tidbits from it, and not sweat it too much.


  • http://modite.com/blog Rebecca

    Fabulous! I could never get into GTD either and the evangelists really get on my nerves 😉


  • http://lifeinmarketing.blogpost.com @abarcelos

    Ryan, great job! Video is #2 after face to face in my opinion! I’m working on some of my own that is once I finish my blog, but that’s a whole other story for another time. Maybe I can borrow that book…LOL


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  • http://www.ryanjknapp.com Ryan

    Good video Ryan. I agree that most people want to be connected with in a certain fashion and we should respect that.

    The next part of the puzzle is after you’ve effectively made contact and are ready to ‘meet’ or communicate, how are you going to do that? Some people like to BS, some like anecdotes, some get straight to the point.

    Connecting is just the first step in making a connection, but a very important one. Good stuff.
    .-= Ryan´s last blog ..Is There A Right Time To Get Married? =-.