Book Review: Trust Agents & A Whole New Mind

I don’t like making anyone think too hard on a Friday so I took the time to review a couple of books I recently finished.

Trust Agents” by Chris Brogan & Julien Smith and “A Whole New Mind” by Daniel Pink. (Both are affiliate links). I received “Trust Agents” via a contest giveaway on Twitter, and purchased “A Whole New Mind” based on recommendations from Jenny Blake and Charlie Hoehn.

Both books are solid reads and worthy of your shelf. They were also really self-affirming, but not necessarily life altering or game changing (for me).

Have you read either of these? What was your perception? If you’ve read both, which one impacted you more? What other books should I get my hands on in the near future?

  • Hey Ryan,

    Thanks for the Reviews. Ive planned on reading Trust Agents so I think I will eventually pick that up.

    I have never even heard of but I think it would be an interesting read.It inspired me to figure out if I was more right brained or left brained — Figure out which is dominant.

    Turns out that I am 51% Right 49% Left. That is probably pretty rare!

    It was a fun test:


    Ryan Stephens Reply:

    Last time I took a test like this I was in like 7th grade and was slightly more left-brained. I’ll have to take it later when I have a chance to sit still, and see if that’s still the case. I remember wanting to be more left brained then, but now after reading Pink’s book – not so much.

    Thanks for the comment Bryan!


  • Interesting test, Bryan. I just took it and my results are:

    Left 42%
    Right 58%
    .-= Rich DeMatteo´s last blog ..Thoughts about starting out with a start-up =-.


  • Nice reviews, I’m planning on reading Trust Agents.

    I picked up a copy of Drive, Pinks recent book. Looking forward to the reads.
    .-= Tony Ruiz´s last blog ..10 Ways to Stay Productive (Online and Offline) =-.


    Ryan Stephens Reply:

    Thanks Tony. I believe I added Drive to shelf the other day. I also watched his TED talk and was a big fan.