How to Create Explosive Growth in All Areas of Your Life

In November of 2012 I decided to join professional network/entrepreneurial brain trust.

The rationale was simple, successful people don’t succeed on their own.

There are two parts to the program:

  • Monthly interviews with a wide array of brilliant people, masters and advisors that have helped countless people with productivity, health, psychology, and more
  • Membership to an exclusive community of ambitious professionals to hold you accountable, encourage you, and help you live a Rich Life


I read as much (or more) than anyone I know, but reading is a time consuming endeavor.

This brain trust provides access to knowledge, wisdom and proven strategies that top performers use to…

  1. Get more done
  2. Stay focused
  3. Earn more money

Below is a video preview and my notes from Derek Halpern discussing, among other things, how to get promoted and create explosive growth in all areas of your life.


Derek got promoted in only 4 months by…

  • Having lunch with everyone in his company (lower-ranked people, first)
  • Understanding people’s challenges
  • Creating a narrative for himself (became the automation guy)
  • Didn’t ask to be promoted, but everyone came to him because he was the automation guy


3 Steps for fast growth/How Derek grew to 125K subscribers

  • Positioning = Your narrative
    • Derek’s unique positioning was: Psychology + Marketing + Email Marketing
  • Authority and credibility
    • Add value to experts and authority is transferrable
  • Promote your value


Learn to combat perfectionism = “Don’t compare your 3rd day to someone else’s 3rd year.”

Who’s in front of you that can help you run faster?

  • Borrow their advice… then tell them you borrowed it
  • Deliberately study the people ahead of you to get better


Qualifying advice

  • What makes this person qualified to give advice?
  • Are they in a position I want to be in one day?


When you say you’re overwhelmed, that’s code for you’re not ready to take action

  • Identify one tiny thing and get started
  • Most people would rather dream big and do nothing rather than just get started
    • Ex: run 1x/week, do 1 push-up, read 1 page of a book


Finish it first, THEN improve it.

Presentation Matters

  • It’s not about what’s factual, but how people perceive the facts. It’s not about giving the truth, but making sure they’re ready to see the truth.


Always go to the source. Read peer-reviewed academic journals. (Community building genius, Rich Millington also recommends this strategy).

Learn the implementation loop.

The Learning Implementation Loop



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