#EduReform with Diana Antholis

I’m really excited to kick off the #EduReform project with an insightful video from Diana Antholis. I reached out to Diana after she left this insightful comment on another post: “The educational system was founded on principles that don’t apply now.” Her passion for education is clear, and I’m thrilled that she’s the inaugural video.

Education Reform from Diana Antholis on Vimeo.

In Summary: What I wish I learned in school and what I want to change about education is one in the same. In higher education institutions we are taught the skills necessary for certain jobs but we are not prepared for what happens when we actually enter into those jobs. We should be taught tips on how to work. For example: What happens if something goes wrong with my manager? What happens when I’m working 12 hours a day with no time for friends, fun, or family? How do I separate my self from my business when I am an entrepreneur and work from home?

There are ways to deal with these issues, but many of us have no idea where to start. We certainly don’t learn what to do when we are in school (with some minor exceptions very focused management programs). I believe colleges should either develop a required course with this information or require professors to build it into their curriculum. It’s time we learn more about what it means to work and how to work smarter.

Diana Antholis is a Strategy Consultant for Performance Advantage Inc, a training and consulting firm dedicated to making people work smarter and feel better about work. She is also the founder of Enter: Adulthood, a blog dedicated to young adults who are transitioning into the “real world.” You can connect with Diana on Twitter @dianaantholis or @worksmarta and LinkedIn.

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  • Thanks Ryan! It’s so important to understand what work really is before we get there.


  • Great stuff, Diana. We’re brought up to ask “what” but very rarely, at least within the confines of formal education, are we taught the importance of asking “why” and “how”.

    Thinking back to college, there is very very little in terms of book-knowledge I took away from those 4 years – so instead of having us cram a bunch of elective courses totally unrelated to what we want to do, higher ed should focus more on practical work/life skills, as you mention here.

    Thanks for the post, and looking forward to the rest of the series, Ryan.
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    Diana Antholis Reply:

    Thanks Matt. I really had no idea how work was going to affect me. I think everyone should be made aware of the different personalities and scenarios that can come up at work – whether you work for a major corporation or for yourself.