January 3rd

January 3rd.

There were less people on the trail today than yesterday.

Photo Credit: Chanan Greenblatt


Coworkers who showed up early to the office yesterday decided to revert to their old selves and trickle in again today.

It’s only the THIRD day of January.

It reminds me of running wind sprints at the end of basketball practice. There were always those 1-2 insane athletes who would win the first sprint and the last sprint. In between, they’d loaf.

Maybe they didn’t think the coaches were paying attention. Maybe they didn’t care.

Maybe that’s why I a 5’10”, 145lb white boy, who couldn’t create his own shot, got to start.

And, who do you think the first people to complain were?

Which of your co-workers complain about their ‘advancement’ the most?

The ones who show up and grind?

Or the ones who always have an excuse: the traffic, my car, the weather, blah, blah, blah…

You don’t ‘advance’ working 6 hour days and taking 90 minute lunches.

You don’t get smarter plopped in front of the television everyday.

And you don’t get more fit when you stop going to the trail on January 3rd.

With each day, each obstacle, someone else drops out. It’s discouraging for humanity, but great for people like you. Now you’re not competing with everyone — only those who have the discipline to keep showing up every day. Remember, the obstacle is the way.

Good intentions are not enough. You have to trust the process and you have to put in the work.

Here’s to putting in the work in 2017!


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