Josh Cox on the Marathon Olympic Trials in Houston

That’s what makes this weekend special; 130 of the best marathoners in America attempting to deliver their absolute best over 26.2 miles. When my friend Amby from Runner’s World says to my coach, ‘I think it’s great that Josh is so focused on the Trials, but you’ve got to wonder what the point is.’ I say, going all-in is exactly the point, not just for this race but in anything in life. Honing your craft and stacking your chips for months, years, and even decades, to shove them all out on the line, hoping that one day their sum will deliver a magical performance – this is the dreamer’s dream, no matter the profession. Not hedging your bets, not having plan B’s; bleeding, clawing, and scraping to keep your dreams alive when the critics, pundits, and just about everyone else is telling you to give up. Life is full of folks telling you no, you can’t, you’re not qualified, you should move on. For every dreamer there are a hundred critics. For everyone pursuing their dreams there are a hundred cynics. But I learned something long ago; those who have abandoned their own dreams will try to convince you to abandon yours. Don’t listen.