“Life After College” Book Review

Jenny Blake's "Life After College"Jenny Blake

PERSPECTIVE. That’s the thing that struck me most about Jenny Blake’s guide to getting what you want. I was worried that a young professional would bring a lot of naivety to the table, and I would’ve hated something that was both know-it-all and entitled. Jenny’s book is the exact opposite. She’s brings uncanny perspective to the graduating senior and young professional audience that will read this book.

She covers 10 key topics (i.e. work, money, dating & relationships, health and more) and there’s genuinely something for everyone here. It’s the kind of book you’ll want to read all the way through, but then revisit often where it’s applicable to your life. In addition to her own best practices there’s also advice from other college graduates, a multitude of exercises, notable quotes, crowd-sourced wisdom and recommended reading for each chapter.

This isn’t a how to conquer the world book, primarily because Jenny hasn’t had time to conquer the world yet — but she’s done a helluva lot more than most 20-somethings and there’s a lot anyone can learn from this book. It’s not about her successes, in fact it’s not about her at all. It’s about you and your own life with Jenny’s experiences (both successes AND failures — and her insights from both) constantly by your side as you navigate your own life after college.

I highly recommend this book for graduating seniors and professionals just beginning to navigate their life after college, but I also think there’s compelling content for anyone looking to magnify the lens on themselves in an effort to maximize the potential of their life after college.

Disclaimer: I read an advanced galley copy of the book Jenny sent to me. She and I have been friends for a little over 2 years now. If her book sucked, I would’ve found one thing I liked about it, told her that, and proceeded to ‘not get around to reviewing it.’ It’s a good book, really. You can buy it here. (Amazon Affiliate Link)

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  • RYAN!!! I don’t know how I missed this post! (Maybe it’s because my Google Reader is up to 800+ unread items). In any case, thank you SO much for the glowing review — it means so much to me! I love that you are 1 of 2 recipients of the ugly “collector’s edition” galley – can’t think of anyone I would rather have it!

    Your disclaimer absolutely cracked me up…that’s pretty much my strategy too. I know it’s tough reviewing something your friend wrote — so thank you for keeping it real!

    You da man. And it was great to see you in Austin 🙂
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    Ryan Stephens Reply:

    You know I always have JBE’s back AND it was phenomenal seeing you again this year. I HAVE to come out to the West Coast at some point and check out your bachelorette pad.

    And you know the review and the acclaim is all part of my elaborate ploy to be a co-author for the sequel. HA!

    I’m half-kidding.