My Favorite Blog Posts From September

So I have some original content ideas planned for this blog in the near future, but my schedule hasn’t been conducive to completing them. With that in mind, let’s stick with the filtering and sharing great content theme we have going. Here are my favorite blog posts from September.

[Just a reminder: These are blogs that I enjoyed reading, for whatever reason. Perhaps they were valuable for me, merely entertaining, thought provoking, were about something I’m interested in (i.e. social media) or potentially something I thought my tribe would enjoy. As always, I would love feedback. Did you catch these posts during September? Did any of these resonate with you? What are some of your most recent favorite reads? Even better, what’s your favorite thing you wrote during August? Share it with me in the comments section.]

The Rules of Money for Gen Y – Andrew Dumais (Your Money Mogul)
With the current state of the economy, money is on everyone’s mind. The Money Mogul explains why there are new money rules for Generation Y. We need to learn to turn earned income into portfolio and passive income.

Free Ebook on Personal Branding – Chris Brogan
I think it is safe to say that Chris’ posts have been featured on my favorite lists more than any other blogger. It is probably because he keeps providing great (and actionable) advice that really adds value to people’s lives. His free ebook, “Personal Branding for the Business Professional,” is certainly proof of that.

Real Life 101: Ten Things You Must do After College – Dan (Newly Corporate)
Here’s a great post that should resonate with many of my Gen Y readers from Dan at Newly Corporate. The list offers some great tips including starting a Roth IRA, keep renting, and building your network.

50 Ways to Take Your Blog to the Next Level – Chris Brogan
With all the blogs out there, it’s often very tough to stand out. The fact that this post has over 160+ comments speaks volumes about the value provided. If you’re trying to get over the hump with your blog (most of us are right?) then these 50 ways, sorted by goals, design, content, promotion and business is a great place to start.

List of Social Media Marketing Awards – Jeremiah Owyang (Web Strategist)
These lists of social media marketing awards are a great resource to learn from the successes of companies doing social media the right way. Some of the past winners include Schwab, Chevy, Nike, Avenue A Razorfish, and Dell.

The Basics – Chris Brogan
This post showcases eight basics that you (your business) must be capable of, because this is what people are expecting, when you’re working in/with social media.

Set Your Blog on Fire – Chris Brogan
Read Chris’ ‘50 Ways to Take Your Blog to the Next Level’ post and still looking to get over the hump? Trying to turn readers into participants? This post provides great tips on how to both enhance and promote your content.

How to Grow Your Personal Brand – Jason Falls (Social Media Explorer)
A great one-year anniversary post in which Jason adds value for his readers instead of tooting his blog’s horn. Jason’s post features 5-6 actionable tips to help build your personal brand in any industry (not just blogging). But the bottom line, as Jason points out, is to focus on good content and networking.

10 Timeless Business Tips from 10 Millionaires – Neil Patel (Quicksprout)
I haven’t featured Neil before, but this rather self-explanatory post features some great advice from some very respected entrepreneurs such as Guy Kawasaki, John Reese, Jeremy Shoemaker and others.

Success as an Entrepreneur: Why it’s Not About You – Guest Post by Tim Clark (Get Rich Slowly)
This blog post is one that really resonated with me (and I hope will provide you with a similar ‘a-ha’ moment) because it is genuinely what I believe. Tim Clark delivers a real gem here. My favorite line is: “In order to succeed as an entrepreneur, you have to help other people.”

The Fall of 9-5 Work Days and the Rise of ROWE – Dan Schawbel (Personal Branding Blog)
So, I think I’ve done a better job finding content that caters more towards my Gen Y audience this time? What do you think? Maybe it’s just wishful thinking from me (as a member of Gen Y), but there are few jobs (especially in this medium) where I believe a 40 hour work week is more productive than a results only work environment. To the naysayers, I do think this is privilege your earn, not a right by any means.

Social Networks from Traditional Media Titans and Your Personal Brand – Dan Schawbel (Personal Branding Blog)
Business Week, Fast Company, The Wall Street Journal and the NY Times have all embraced social networking in the form of their own social networks. All are great places to go to grow your network and extend your personal brand.

13 Gary Vaynerchuk Tips on Building a Profitable Blog – Darren Rowse (Problogger)
This post features 13 snippets and/or quotes from Gary V’s BlogExpo keynote that Darren Rowse thought were worthy of sharing. Considering what Gary’s done of late, and considering Darren thinks his content is worthwhile, you have no reason not to read it.

Top 5 Corporate Blogging Mistakes and How to Avoid Them David Meerman Scott (Web in Know)
This post from David Meerman Scott is one that was particularly interesting to me because I suspect that one day I might be either doing corporate blogging or consulting corporate bloggers. Additionally, most corporate blogs I check out are crap, and somebody’s wasting their time; this post gets at why this happens.

10 Reasons Lenovo’s Olympic Marketing Program Won Gold – Rohit Bhargava (Influential Marketing Blog)
This is a relatively long blog post, but it highlights one of the best social media marketing campaigns to date. What follows are 10 ingredients for anybody trying to come up with a successful marketing campaign. Definitely a must-read for social media marketing types.

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