Personal Finance Advice: My Conversation on Masculine Design

Since I entered the workforce, and realized how unprepared I was for the real world, I’ve taken issue with modern education.

Why are geometric proofs required and physical education, personal finance, networking, negotiation, public speaking and more advanced technology classes NOT? (American Education: You Deserve Better)

It truly baffles me how bad the average person is at personal finance.

In fact, in my 7 Things You Should’ve Learned in School series from 2012, guest poster Rich Pulvino talks specifically about personal finance as a way to overcome debt and unemployment for new grads.

In other words, this is something I’ve thought about a lot and continue to think about today.

As such, when Craig James, of Masculine by Design, reached out and invited me on his podcast, the Masculine Mancast, to discuss the role of personal finance in men’s lives and the implications on their future, I jumped at the chance.

The core tenets of personal finance are critical to living your best life.

Americans Are Bad At Personal Finance:

According to most recent data from the Survey of Consumer Finances by the U.S. Federal Reserve, we live in a world where the mean credit card debt of U.S. households is approximately $5,700,

If that’s not depressing enough, the average net worth of someone under 35 year old is less than 7,000 dollars. (

Core Tenets of Personal Finance:

Look, I’m *not* a licensed professional or a certified financial planner, but I have a good handle on my family’s finances and I’ve been studying this stuff for years.

I firmly believe that there’s a few core tenets that would help *most* people. Improving your personal finance situation is one of the most important ways to level up your life.

Core tents like:

  • Tracking your spending
  • Staying out of debt – especially credit card debt
  • Maintaining a solid credit score
  • Investing early and consistently
  • Automating your finances
  • Identifying places to stretch your funds
  • Finding ways to earn more

In the interview, we cover these things and more, including:

  • Why people don’t understand personal finance (fear that they’re “doing it” wrong, are behind their peers, should already know these things, etc.)
  • Some of the crazy things I did to save money (washing Ziploc bags, taking extra napkins from fast food restaurants, wearing old clothes, etc.)
  • The importance of tracking purchases and spending consciously
  • The similarities between fitness and finance (hint: it’s “personal”)
  • The problem with credit card and how to eliminate it as effectively possible.
  • Why it’s so important to start investing as early as possible
  • Focusing on ‘big’ wins (i.e. a good credit score that gets you a low APR on a home mortgage will save you infinitely more than cutting back your coffee habit)
  • How to “find” extra money (insurance and cell phone providers)
  • Some 401K and Roth IRA basics
  • The best ways to improve your finances (get a raise, start a side hustle, etc.)
  • The important of diversifying your investments and your revenue streams

Whether you’re just getting started or consider yourself somewhat seasoned, there’s some good stuff in here. I encourage you to check it out.



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