It Was a Quiet Year for Me

At least that’s probably what it seems like to you.

In truth, it was a pretty stressful year and I (mostly) kept my head down grinding… and learning. In fact, here’s 125+ of my favorite reads (and takeaways) from 2014.

I started 2014 focused intently on my five pillars for a healthy and happy life. And, if you’re interested, I tracked everything relentlessly.

In March, I led a holistic marketing and PR strategy and execution for a Kickstarter campaign that raised just shy of $122,000, which was 243% of the funding goal and, at the time, represented the top 1% of all Kickstarter campaigns to date. (Big thanks to Jake Rosen, Clay Hebert, Jeff Reichman and especially Jaclynne Vettorino for their advice and help along the way.)

In September, I was proud to be a part of a small team that forged an alliance that raised over $1.4 million for children’s cancer.

These were big, time-intensive projects that required a lot of preparation and exhausted a lot of resources. I’m certain there will be more like them in 2015, but I’m trying (desperately) to slow down and to savor life a little bit more this year.

What’s that look like?

Less hustling. Less comparison. Less busy work. And busyness in general. Less narcissism. Less consumption. Less tracking. Less hyperfragmentation. (I think that’s a word). Less distraction.

More walks. More listening. More love. More humility. More patience. More perspective. More spontaneity. More gratitude. Always more gratitude. More creativity. More music. More family. More friends. More fiction. More fun. 

And more help. After a year of tracking everything, the only metric I’m keeping up with in 2015 is how many people I help. Seriously. How can I help you in 2015?

In the interim, here are some of the most popular posts I shared with you last year:


2015 will be my eighth year writing on this blog. You’re the reason I keep showing up. Thank you for reading. And don’t forget to let me know how I can help you in the upcoming year.