How to Make More Money While Working Less

In November of 2012 I decided to join professional network/entrepreneurial brain trust.

The rationale was simple, successful people don’t succeed on their own.

There are two parts to the program:

  • Monthly interviews with a wide array of brilliant people, masters and advisors that have helped countless people with productivity, health, psychology, and more
  • Membership to an exclusive community of ambitious professionals to hold you accountable, encourage you, and help you live a Rich Life

I read as much (or more) than anyone I know, but reading is a time consuming endeavor.

This brain trust provides access to knowledge, wisdom and proven strategies that top performers use to…

  1. Get more done
  2. Stay focused
  3. Earn more money

Below is a video preview and my notes from Sam Carpenter, the CEO of Centratel and Author of Work the System. He discusses, among other things specific ways to simplify your work so you can maximize time spent on creative and profitable tasks, how to seize back control of your career or business, and achieve peace of mind using the systems mindset.


  • Most people spend time in the ‘house’ fighting fires.
    • Don’t attack symptoms. Go examine the processes.
  • Manage the processes in your life to get the results you want.
  • Mistakes are good. They provide a red flag to know you need to go back and check on your systems.
  • Biggest objection = I’m too busy. (Hero Complex)
  • When you set up a system à The problem goes away forever.
  • Do you like to do this? Is someone better at this than you?
    • Lawn care? Cleaning House? Etc.
    • What can you be doing during this time?
  • Prioritize the mechanical over the mental.
    • Get this right and the head can follow
    • Fix the mechanics and the emotions will improve
  • Attack the most dysfunctional systems first.
  • It’s simple, but not easy (to get fit/improve your overall health)
  • Isolate aspects of your life and go deep on one
    • Too much coffee, alcohol, screen time, etc.
  • If your systems are in place, you worry less. This allows you to live more presently.
  • Instead of, “This life happens to me,” become a “project engineer.”
  • You want to be effective rather than efficient
    • Perfect is being 98% accurate
    • The time you spend in that 2% to make it perfect is rarely worth it.
    • Pick your battles. Otherwise, the rest of your life suffers.
  • Errors of Omission: Most of our problems have to do with what we didn’t do (vs. making wrong choice).
    • The top 5 mistakes in life are what you didn’t do.
    • Think of your life this way and you’ll try more things.
    • Ramit’s example: Have difficult conversations faster.
  • Quiet courage means doing what you know is right even fi you don’t have the support of your peers and the people around you.
  • The machinery doesn’t care about attributes.
    • You must focus on the systems for success.


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