Special Pre-Wedding Deal: 3 Questions for $10

I get married one month from today.

I know. I know… It makes no sense that a woman would tolerate all my nonsense. We’ll save that discussion for another time.

Said woman does her best to teach me about empathy, giving back, etc.

Here’s the thing… I’ve been writing this blog since January of 2008. By my count that’s over 5 years.

During that time I’ve read approximately 25-30 blog posts a day. I’ve listened to webinars, podcasts, read a book every other week, and been mentored by some of the smartest business people alive.

I’ve accumulated quite a bit of knowledge over that time. And honestly, I’ve hoarded that knowledge. I’ve treated it as my unique value proposition — something that would separate me from my competition..

I had a meeting with a Vice President the other day. “You have all kinds of interesting things rattling around in your head,” she said.

I’ve finally come to realize that’s pretty selfish of me. I can only execute a couple of ideas at a time, but in the process of achieving my dreams maybe I can help you make progress towards your own dreams.

Part of me is naive enough to believe that we we can start making a difference, that we can change the landscape.

In 2009, I gave away free consulting sessions. I learned a TON from those sessions. They shaped a lot of my blog content for the months that followed. I’m not as green any more and the days of free are over, but in the spirit of marrying a woman who believes in giving back, I want to do just that.

I normally charge between $40-$125 an hour for my consulting, depending on the project. But today, in honor of my upcoming wedding, I want to offer an INSANELY inexpensive deal. 

I’ll answer ANY 3 questions you have for $10 (via e-mail) between now and my wedding on June 1st.

I MIGHT do something like this again, but NEVER this discounted. For the cost of a cheap bottle of wine, Wednesday’s dry cleaning or 2 orange mocha frappuccinos I’ll give you applicable business and/or life advice that could impact you in a big way.

You can ask me about ANYTHING, but here’s some of the topics I recommend:

  • How to leverage online digital tools to drive traffic and revenue
  • How to win your fantasy baseball league
  • How to grow an online community
  • How to pay off your debt and save a fortune
  • How to eat right and get fit
  • How to network with VIPs
  • How to put a plan in place to acquire your dream job (or any job)
  • How to optimize your time to exceed expectations in your 9-5
  • How to get an insanely empathetic and amazing woman to tolerate your nonsense

If you’re not satisfied with your 3 answers I’ll give your money back, no questions asked.

Here’s the deal: I’m working 45+ hours a week, consulting another 15-20 and I’m trying to stay fit so that when people see our honeymoon pictures they don’t wonder why my wife married me.

In short that means I’ll probably work with the first 6-8 of you who submit the form below…

What are you waiting for? Fill it out. Let me help you get through the dip. Let me connect you to someone I know. Ask something asinine and have fun with it! I don’t care.

You might be buying me a couple of beers. It’s more likely you’re helping shape the scope of this blog post-marriage. And hopefully you’ll get some value out of it too.

What can I help you with?

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  • Linda Clyde

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  • Linda Clyde

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  • Arnold Larsen

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