Stop Running to the Front of the Pack

“One option is to struggle to be heard whenever you’re in the room… Another is to be the sort of person who is missed when you’re not. The first involves making noise. The second involves making a difference.” — Seth Godin

Growing up playing multiple sports I was always the kid that had to be first. You may say, “That’s great. You should be pushing yourself. You should be challenging your teammates,” and you’re probably right.

But… what I slowly began to learn was that there was a time and a place for being first, and there was another time. A time when being a teammate and not showing others up mattered more (i.e. warm-up laps and long, slow days for those of you who ran long distance).

Running full speed during warm up laps is a great way for your teammates to start resenting you. The same thing holds true when you’re the person who ALWAYS has to talk during team meetings at your office.

Whether you’re an employee who thinks you’re getting ahead by standing out or an employer who encourages and reinforces this behavior I hope you’ll watch this quick video and reconsider.

Are you making noise or making a difference?

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  • Ryan
    I have come across you twice now and each time I have to watch. Not sure why and would be interested to hear how you came to do the blog.
    I like your thoughts on standing out for the sake of it. Your right, it does not serve people well. Will come and take a look from time to time. Good Luck 2012.

    John Davy´s last blog post ..Oh Oh there must be 300 people out there!


    Ryan Stephens Reply:

    Thanks for the kind words JD. Flattered anyone takes the time to read and/or watch any of my nonsense. I originally started this blog because it was a way for me to learn by doing — and to simultaneously get some of my own thoughts and beliefs down on paper.

    In the 4+ years it’s landed me jobs, consulting gigs, speaking opportunities, and connected me to more phenomenal people than I can count. If people want a snapshot of my thoughts on business, marketing, education and more I can send them here.

    Best of luck in your own blogging endeavors. That Genesis theme is a solid one.