The Foolproof Way to Overcoming Fear and Complacency in Your Life

You’ve made eye contact with that cute girl across the bar three times tonight. She smiled at you the second time, but you know she’s getting impatient. And yet you’re not going to walk up to her tonight.

You’re going to get in a cab two hours from now and ask your buddy, “Hey man, did you see that smoking hot girl across the bar? I’m pretty sure she wanted me, man.”

You’ll never see her again.

Fast forward to Monday morning. You have an innovative idea for a marketing campaign. Maybe you have a new way to optimize an outdated process. Either way, you won’t speak up because that might mean more work for you.

“Why should I push myself?” a friend asked me the other day. “They’ll be happy to give me more work, but they’ll never promote me. I get paid the same either way.”

It’s easier NOT to talk to the girl.

It’s easier NOT to raise your hand at work.

It’s easier to read blogs all day rather than start your own.

It’s easier to come home from work and plop down on the couch instead of starting a side business.

And that’s fine if that’s what you aspire to get out of life. But if you want more… If you want to talk to the girl… If you want to get promoted… If you want to start earning some income on the side then it’s time to start re-framing the way you think about things.

And if you want a foolproof way of re-framing… one that will help you start overcoming fear and complacency in your life so that you can start achieving your dreams, then I encourage you to invest 18 minutes into your future by watching the video below.

Maybe you wouldn’t have watched that video if you had a buzz, but now that you have – what are you going to do? What are you going to start? Who are you going to connect with?

Rarely is the worst case scenario as bad as you think it will be. Nobody will remember your mistakes a year from now. Most people won’t remember them tomorrow. We’re too wrapped up in our own lives.

Stop letting fear hold you back. Take a smart risk today!


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  • Jake

    Great point to make. Your accomplishments are already in the past. Always keep striving for more and pushing yourself. 


    ryanstephens Reply:

     Interesting you went there with it, Jake. You know as well as anyone that I’m wired that way, but for me, 2012 was unsustainable. That constant push to always be better can be isolating and exhausting. I’m trying to slow down a bit this year and be grateful for things for more often.


    Adam Sweeney Reply:

    I think there is just as much value in taking time to stop and appreciate the things around you as there is in pushing yourself. I’ve learned, as I suspect you have too, that you can sometimes pass up great opportunities or moments if you’re too focused on the future. 


    ryanstephens Reply:

    @facebook-79501420:disqus  – First, Thanks for taking the time to contribute here. I appreciate that, particularly because you and I differ so much ideologically. My disposition is to be future-minded, but I’m working hard this year to focus on the present and to strengthen my gratitude muscle. It hasn’t been easy, but I’m hoping to form a habit before the year is over.

    Thanks again for the feedback, Adam!

  • Good shit dude! 


  • Agreed on so much of this. I don’t read any blogs regularly anymore. Haven’t messed with G reader in forever. I agree with you that I was obsessed with it for awhile, and it’s not bad to read, but there are better ways to spend your time,