The Top 10 Generation Y Blogs

Since becoming a member of Brazen Careerist, I have witnessed first hand the emergence of a number of generation Y blogs. The thing about Millennials is that they want their voices heard and collectively they are a very savvy and ambitious group of bloggers.I am proud to be a member of Generation Y and in an effort to showcase some of the best blogs created by my peers, my latest project was the creation of The Top 10 Generation Y Blogs lens on Squidoo.So what does a top 10 blog entail?

It could be a 20-year old business whiz kid who has already written a book, and started two companies, including one at the age of fourteen. He must skip happy hour because I barely have enough time to attend class, much less maintain one of the most insightful and influential blogs in Silicon Valley. I think I should play him in a game of chess though.

Perhaps it could feature one of the foremost personal branding experts (particularly to Gen Y), whose long list of accomplishments speak for themselves. With our society shifting to a free agent workplace, it is imperative you check out one of the most prolific blogs for job-seekers. Go back and read it frequently because one day soon it should feature a special edition discussing how my personal brand is as the most charismatic person alive. It’s true, just ask me. I’ll tell you.

Maybe a top 10 blog is a collaborative effort written by various people all relatively new to the workforce. A blog for young professionals by young professionals. Simple enough. That Grant Harmon guy is almost as funny as I am.

A top 10 blog could just be one guy thinking some random thoughts, particularly if they’re insightful and about interesting topics that concern Generation Y. Maybe I’m just partial because he thinks college is overrated most of the time too.

“We have finely tuned bullshit detectors and detest PR speak.” Generation Y is changing marketing. The Marketing Student provides his view from the inside as he engages in a conversation about how future marketers see the present. I just want to know if Axe will really help me get laid.

Other top 10 Gen Y blogs might provide financial advice for Millennials and be overly paranoid that I think his site is ugly; it’s not and my opinion shouldn’t matter. It could feature a CEO/Personal Trainer/Fitness Guru that’s a lot more than a muscle monkey meat head. Maybe you’re looking for a crazy woman who will let you know that plastic surgery might be the next must have career tool. What about the two guys who relocated to Madison, Wisconsin to work with the aforementioned crazy woman? One of them was even on 60 minutes. Finally, rounding out the most recent top 10 is an intelligent, and very new female PR professional who knows more about the PR industry than I do fantasy baseball.

What are you waiting for? Take some time and get acquainted with all of these talented Millennials and the Top 10 Generation Y blogs. Then come back here and let me know what you think either about the list, the respective blogs, or even if you just want a ziploc bag full of my charisma.