Top 10 Gen Y Blogs: October 2008

Jonathan Fields posted this interesting tweet the other day, that had me thinking:


My answer was essentially that with something I do not know very much about someone that filters and shares great content is just as valuable as someone creating something new. Though, if I know a lot about it, certainly I want something new, innovative, useful and actionable.

Anyway, the moral of the story is there are some great lists, compilations, etc. out there that filters and shares great content. It’s essentially what I’m trying to do with my Top Posts of… blogs, it’s what Jeremiah Owyang does with his Weekly Digest of the Social Networking space, and it’s what Mack Collier (Top 25 Mktg & Social Media Blogs) and Todd and Charlie (AdAge’s Power 150) do with with their respective lists.

When I interned with Seth this summer and joined the Brazen Careerist network, I wanted to learn more about Gen Y Bloggers and Gen Y targeted blogs. As a result, Jess Neil and I created our own little list. You can find the entire list, the opportunity to vote for your favorite Gen Y blog, blog ranking criteria, other influential Gen Y blogs, and much more on our official squidoo page, but in the meantime I also want to showcase all of our hardwork in this space. I hope you find it valuable.

Top 10 Gen Y Blogs
— Previous Ranking in Parenthesis —
1. Personal Branding Blog (1)
Dan Schawbel’s blog is more concentrated than most on this list and that enables him to really hone in on his particular niche, personal branding.The self proclaimed #1 resource for personal branding online has been featured in a number of publications, and featured on a number of ‘top lists.’

If you’re a member of generation Y and looking for career development via personal branding, look no further.

2. Hard Knox Life (NR)
It gets tougher each update to stay on this list, especially with phenomenal blogs like this one making such a high debut. We’re big on earning your stripes, but if you deserve it, you deserve it, and Dave’s blog has earned this spot. [Or maybe we’re just attracted to shiny new blogs we were previously unfamiliar with.]

The blog is a brand manager’s view at the crossroads of marketing, media and technology. A good chunk of what he writes about pertains directly to things that influence Gen Y, will influence Gen Y, etc. With lots of real life experience in marketing to Gen Y and digital marketing, I suspect Dave’s blog will continue to be very relevant.

3. Employee Evolution (6)
The knock on these guys is that with both Ryan’s focusing much of their attention on Brazeen Careerist the updates haven’t been as frequent. This is potentially what keeps them from challenging Dan for the top spot. The blog is a hot bed of great information for Millennials making the transition from school to the workplace.

It’s also probably targets Generation Y better than any other blog on this list. Don’t miss some of the real gems in the “Top Articles” section of their side bar.

4. Driven Leaders (NR)
And here’s another blog with a ridiculously high debut. [Is it sustainable guys?]

Anthony’s about says it better than I could so here you go:
“Driven leaders is a blog devoted to personal and professional development for the emerging leaders of tomorrow. The pressure on new leaders to hit the ground running has never been greater, and the likelihood and cost of failure is escalating. As Gen-Y continues to become an increasing force in the workplace, the need to develop the necessary skills to be a successful leader grows ever more important.”

5. Newly Corporate (4)
Newly Corporate is a blog for young professionals by young professionals. Its six contributors each bring a distinct style and background to the blog, which enables it to have various dimensions of personality.

One of the best things about the blog is the fact that it does not take itself too seriously, and that lends itself well to its Millennial audience. With an efficient design that is conducive to the sharing of some great information, NC remains in the top 5 this month in spite of a drop in post frequency. Like, Employee Evolution, it benefits from having content that is very Gen Y oriented.

6. Ben Casnocha (3)
Considering Ben established his own software company at age 14, it is safe to say that he understands the nuances of being an entrepreneur. One look at the “Best of Ben” posts and you will understand why he was #1 on our first two versions of this list.

Ben’s blog covers a wide variety of topics, and his deep-thinking approach makes it a stimulating read whether the commentary involves business or ping-pong.

Ben’s blog has been falling a few spots the last couple of updates after debuting on the inagural list as the #1 blog. There’s no question that Ben’s blog is one of the best on this list, and while it’s certainly a valuable read for Gen Y, it’s not necessarily targeted that way.

The next two blogs on this list are similar in that fashion.

7. Brazen Careerist: Penelope Trunk (5)
Penelope’s blog is in your face authentic with posts such as “Plastic Surgery is the Next Must Have Career Tool. Maybe,” and check out the end of “Start Up Skill,” where she’s discussing an interaction between her and new partner Ryan Healy. Nothing is off limits, and her perfect meshing of work and life makes for an intriguing and beneficial read to the Gen Y demographic.

8. I Will Teach You To Be Rich (NR)
Ramit knows his finance. Like both Ben’s and Penelope’s blog his aim isn’t directly at Gen Y, but they could certainly benefit from his blog on personal finance (banking, saving, budgeting and investing) and personal entrepreneurship.

9. PR Interactive (8)
Meg Roberts does a great job interjecting her own personality with some very valuable insight into PR industry. As a current Millennial just starting her ‘official’ career, we are confident that her most interesting posts are in front of her as she negotiates one of life’s big transitions.

Fortunately for Meg, much of her hiatus during her internship, move, etc. was also during our inability to find time to update this list. That’s fine with us, because we feel she deserves to be here!

10. Guru Gilbert (10)
Adam’s blog is another blog that might not be as targeted to Gen Y as some of the others, but his passion for entrepreneurship and helping people shines through and makes his blog well worth the read, particularly for Millennials. And keeping things well rounded, he also posts about questioning the status quo, happiness, and the meaning of life, which always keeps us on our toes!

Adam is featured in the book Millennial leaders, which is actually in our Amazon queue below.

His continuing ability to obtain votes from readers (whether his or ours) enables him to hang onto the 10th spot, instead of relenquishing to one of the other great blogs that just missed this weeks list.

*NOTE – If you are the author of one of these blogs and want something re-worded, added, etc. let us know and we would be happy to accomodate your request provided that it is synonymous with our own goals and objectives. — Ryan

Blogs that Just Missed The List

Young and Frugal
Perhaps the only thing keeping Daniel off the list this week was the fact that he hasn’t had a chance to update in some time. He’s got some great content targeted directly to Gen Y. He’s REALLY improved the aesthetic of his blog, and provided he can find the time to make more frequent updates I envision him back on the top 10 in no time.

The best way to describe Holly’s blog is honest(possibly to a fault) and authentic. The blog covers any number of issues that bombard Millennials including commentary on corporate and start up life with her own infusion of life and love.

Y Pulse
A great site that is very informative, and a great resource for marketers trying to reach this demographic. Though the focus is on Gen Y, it is more on teens and tweens than the young professionals that this site considers its target demographic.

So, now that you’ve read the list? Who or what am I missing? Which of these blogs are you familiar with, do you currently read? Did I introduce you to a new blog you’re likely to read in the future? (If so, e-mail that blog author and tell them why you like they’re blog — they’ll appreciate it, I know I would) Do you agree with the rankings? Why do you disagree? I promise I’ll respond to every comment!If you enjoyed the list, I urge you to subscribe so that you won’t miss future updates of the Top 10 Gen Y Blogs.

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  • Hey Ryan,

    Thanks for the shout out to my tweet, was very interesting to see how people responded. Also, I like the way you’ve broken your response to my tweet into subject areas you are knowledgeable about versus those you are less familiar with. Makes a lot of sense.


    admin Reply:

    @jonathan – No problem. I thought your tweet posed an interesting question because I know I often get so caught up in “creating something new” that I neglect the fact that sometimes just extending a current conversation or filtering and sharing are also important.

    I’d be interested in the results of the other responses to your tweet.


  • Aww man! Only #3? Haha.

    Just kidding Ryan … considering our frequency (or lack thereof) I’m honored to hold the #3 spot.

    What really makes me happy is that everyone on the list is in some way involved with Brazen. Good things!



    admin Reply:

    @ Ryan Paugh – Thanks for the heads up about your comment. I have NO IDEA why askimet picked it up as spam. Maybe your reputation proceeds you? I suspect it has something to do with being a Big 10 football fan when everyone knows the good football is down south in the Big 12/SEC.

    I hadn’t even thought about everyone’s affiliation with Brazen prior to you mentioning it. Good observation and definitely something you guys should be proud of.


  • This is a great list of Y-generation targeted blogs, some of which I have never heard of before, so thank you!

    My company is specifically geared towards the Y-generation to help them brand themselves so they stand out in such a competitive world. We have a blog and I was wondering if you could check it out and give me some feedback on it. I would really appreciate it, thank you.


    admin Reply:

    @Trace – I would LOVE to take the opportunity to check out brand-yourself. I will forewarn you that I’m SWAMPED prior to this weekend, but I assure you that I’ll take a look and send along some feedback the first chance I get.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, and the kind words with respect to the list!


  • Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for being so understanding – haha. I’m getting the hang of the “real world” and have some posts that I’m ready to get up ASAP! I hope they’ll help other gen-yers.



    admin Reply:

    @ Meg Roberts – I’m definitely looking forward to your new content. It’s always so Gen Y targeted and I think it really helps that audience negotiate a lot of the things they will invariably have (or already have) to deal with at some point. Welcome back from hiatus!

    Let me hear about your newest opportunity as well. I noticed it in my linkedin feed!


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  • Yaybia ( is an advertising/branding/marketing blog I contribute to. All the authors are Gen Y college seniors or recent grads working in the advertising industry. We offer authentic, honest comments on marketing and branding efforts we see. It might not be top-10 worthy yet, but it’s certainly worth checking into for these young marketers’ thoughts and ideas!


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  • nice list with lots of different (and new) sites.

    good work.