Top 10 Gen Y Blogs: April 2009

FINALLY. I started teasing it last night hoping I’d get it up then (and over-deliver), but I really wanted to do justice to the explanations for each of the top 10 Gen Y Blogs. Thanks to everyone who voted and continue to make our efforts to highlight tremendous Gen Y Blogs possible.

ALSO, I would be very appreciative if someone significantly more graphically inclined than me could whip up a badge of sorts everyone could display on their blog linking back to these lists. I know the value you all provide, but I want the entire blogosphere to realize that Gen Y isn’t just a bunch of pretentious trophy-kids, but provide real, valuable insights!


Also Receiving Votes:
Be Deviant, Sydney Owen, Young Go Getter, Water Cooler, Gen Y PR Prescriptions, The Office Newb, Keep Up With Me, Creative Career, Ryan Paugh, I Hate HR, Young and Frugal, Quarter Life Lady, Next Generation Consulting (Don’t have a link for this blog), Intersected, Two Notes Ahead, Millennium Marketer, Life Before Noon, Gen Pink, Driven Leaders, Hard Knox Life, Pipe Dreams and Professions

Next Tier:
Schiff Report, Prevential, Newly Corporate, Quiet The Thunder, Andy Drish, Guru Gilbert

Only a few votes separating…
Echodemic – A new blog to the mix, making its debut within a few votes of our top 10. Phil and Josh have solid volume and write about all things Gen Y.
PR Interactive – A way for Meg to interact with other professionals, students, and professors in communications to further her (and your) knowledge and understanding about the PR field and industry trends.
Ryan Stephens – Not sure why any of you clowns would vote for this blog, but I’m flattered nonetheless.
Ben Casnocha – A blog about entrepreneurship, books, current affairs, and intellectual life.
Brazen Careerist – Penelope’s blog is about career advice, and her of course.
Millennial Leaders Blog – Like Echodemic, Bea’s blog made a big push this week. She covers a wide range of Gen Y topics.
I Will Teach You to Be Rich – Personal finance blog for college students, recent graduates and everyone else — including entrepreneurship — for getting rich.

The Top 10 List:

10.) Work Love Life (3) – Explores topics that range from career development and entrepreneurship to relationships, from personal finances to spirituality and community building.

Holly’s blog slipped from the number 3 spot, but she remains on the list. Maybe her fall is because she’s only written two posts on Work Love Life since our last top list. Maybe it’s because of Meredith’s post referring to her blog as a “guilty pleasure,” (I appreciated Meredith’s insight even though I disagreed.) It could be because she’s invested time in launching a new blog. I’d like to think it’s because she’s running around creating crazy blog-worthy stories to share with all of us. In any event, you can suspect she’s living like her life depends on it.”

9.) Personal PR (NR) – How the principles and theories, the practices and norms of public relations can work for you, your online identity, your network, your career.

Tiffany’s another woman who I’ve always enjoyed to read, and was frequently featured on my old lists before I moved to the voting process. It’s nice to have her back. She has only written a couple of posts since the last list as well. That obviously means the couple she’s done have resonated with her audience. She’s experimenting, less with PR, more with passion and words. It’s a fun shift to witness, and helped her articulate why “It’s Never To Late.”

[Side note: Anyone else think that Susan is just a tremendous filter? If she tells me to read it, I’m there in a hurry. Seems she’s always making incredibly insightful comments on tremendous posts.]

8.) The Rest is Still Unwritten (9) – Tech News and Random Ramblings from a 20-something year old bachelor.

David debuted on the February edition of this list in the 9th spot and moves up a spot this month. The thing about David’s blog is it always feels so fresh to me. Fresh content, fresh ideas, fresh insights. He really mixes it up with short posts that just make me laugh and longer more insightful posts. He has a very distinct voice, and he doesn’t let himself get boxed into one niche, writing about all things that interest him (and his readers as evidenced by the fact that he’s got on of the most commented blogs on this list.)

7.) The Mad Grad (1) – These ladies dish out advice based on their own experiences that they hope will be helpful in your quest for the perfect job, house or roommate!

Ashley and Jenny made a bold debut last week in the #1 spot, but as others will soon find out (and NCAA basketball teams already know), it’s tough to consistently stay atop a list with so many talented competitors. I was very impressed by their coverage of all things involving the transition into life after college. I still am. Like David, these two ladies do a good job intertwining easier to digest nuggets, and more provocative posts that generate a solid amount of discussion.

6.) Modite (8) – This blog gives career advice for a new generation of workers.

Rebecca’s blog moves up two spots from our Feb. edition. Could her ascension have anything to do with the fact that she’s added vlogging to her arsenal? Apparently starting a new job and tolerating Ryan Healy haven’t slowed her down. I love that she’s not afraid to experiment, and I like her new agree/disagree approach of filtering interesting posts for her readers. She’s definitely an edge-walker, and that’s illustrated in this post, “Stop Writing About Social Media to be a Successful Blogger.”

5.) Employee Evolution (5) – Dedicated to helping the millennial generation answer the hard-hitting questions that come with the biggest transition of their lives.

Employee Evolution holds steady at number 5 this month, which is impressive considering Ryan has to run his own company without much funding, in a recession, all the while trying to keep Penelope from borrowing his credit card so he can afford to buy Rebecca Valentine’s flowers for her table so her vlog scenery is pretty. What I like about Ryan’s approach is that it’s totally different than a lot of 20-somethings (coincidentally, that’s why I like theirs as well.)

Most of us take a bit of a vulnerable, we’re learning this all as we go approach, but Ryan’s voice is typically very authoritative and assured. Here’s “10 More Ways Generation Y Will Change the Workplace,” and it’s better than the last ten.

4.) Girl Meets Business (NR) – A blog for young professionals who want to: develop professionally through growth and learning, improve themselves and the world around them, pursue passion and success, and share their thoughts and insights on career development.

From also receiving votes all the way to #4, and deservedly so. Admittedly I wasn’t all that familiar with Angela’s blog (and I try to read most of these blogs periodically so that I have a good pulse of what’s out there.) Because of that, I really delved into her blog this week, and if you haven’t yet, you should be.

Her blog is chocked full of useful pieces offering relevant and valuable tips and advice for essentially becoming a better person (personally and professionally.) As Angela learns, she shares, and we’re able to learn from her. For example, “What I Learned From Blogging that You Can Use in Real Life.” Also, though it came out after votes were tallied, I loved the innovative and insightful approach to this post about the “Seven Deadly Sins of the Professional.”

3.) Twenty Set (NR) – A place to talk about graduate school, married life, and her love of Chicago. At least that’s what her ‘about’ says. I’ll say it’s phenomenal insights into new media, and being a passionate 20-something navigating the real world.

How or why Monica’s blog didn’t even receive votes in our Feb. edition astounds me, but sometimes good blogs slip through the cracks; sometimes they also come roaring back with a vengeance. Like David, Monica is another blogger that has a really great, loyal readership that illustrates that love with an abundance of comments. It’s usually a great sign a blogger is engaging (both in their writing and the way they build community and cultivate relationships.)

What I like most is Monica’s ability to craft her words such that every thing seems so simple by the time I’m done reading her posts. They flow in a such a logical way that I “get it” without having to scour back through. That’s hard for some bloggers, but it seems effortless of her. Besides that she helped me answer a discussion I’ve been having with myself (and Chuck, and Nisha) with this blog post: “You Don’t Need a Blog Topic, Just Start Writing.”

2.) Personal Branding Blog (2) – Your #1 resource for personal branding online. this blog includes podcasts, interviews with experts, insightful articles, research reports, games and much more.

I thought this might be the week that Dan regained his throne atop this list, but alas it wasn’t to be. I suspect he can’t complain too much about holding steady at 2-spot. Dan’s current team of writers is constantly changing (and it’s because he’s picked so well they’re all getting promotions and don’t have time anymore), but the value provided by his blog is not. I guess it doesn’t hurt that he has the author of the #3 blog writing for him once a week, and one of my other favorite bloggers as well.

As we inch ever so close to his book launch (Congrats Dan!), he’s still pumping out awesome content and interviewing some very interesting people like Tony Hsieh and one with author John C. Maxwell, which I particularly enjoyed. Dan thinks about personal branding non-stop. He took one look at February’s top list and goes, “Hey you need a badge people can put on their blogs. That’d be huge!” Needless to say, I’m looking forward to implementing that idea!


1.) Politicoholic (7) – This blog is currently host to Nisha’s commentary about a wide variety of issues, mostly political and social.

From #7 last edition, to NUMBER ONE. Why? I’m not sure. You guys voted. But let me speculate for a few. For one, aside from Dan, Ben (and maybe a couple of others) she pumps out more content than most 20-somethings (and it’s damn good content too.) Sure, she talks about politics, at least more than most people our age, but she doesn’t confine herself to one niche, which helps her appeal to a wider range of people. Like so many others on this list she also has a unique voice that’s confident when it should be, and subtle and inquisitive when it makes sense.

In addition, Nisha isn’t just blogging and waiting for things to happen (though you could argue blogging in of itself isn’t just waiting around), but actually acting and trying to convince others to affect change as well. The average person is looking to be led, and even tremendous leaders like a solid focal point sometimes. Recently, I’ve enjoyed her fun comments about SXSW and intriguing piece about women sucking at self promotion.


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  • Ryan, the amount of work you’ve put into this top list is incredible and is much appreciated by everyone involved. I just stopped my crazy book launching marketing craze to read this entire post and thank you for the #2 spot.


    admin Reply:

    @Dan – Thanks so much for your kind words Dan. People would probably be amazed at the sheer amount of time I put into these posts. When consider counting ballots, reading 2-4 posts from each of the blogs that I don’t get to read regularly and then writing the post it’s a few hours to say the least.

    It’s a VERY SMALL price to pay though to recognize the bloggers that inspire me to keep plugging away everyday, who I learn so many things from, and who are all likely changing this world for the better!

    Kudos to you for making the list again, and all the best with your book launch. Let me know what I can do to help!



  • Employee Evolution holds steady at number 5 this month, which is impressive considering Ryan has to run his own company without much funding, in a recession, all the while trying to keep Penelope from borrowing his credit card so he can afford to buy Rebecca Valentine’s flowers for her table so her vlog scenery is pretty.

    Hahaha! Glad some people caught that besides me.

    To everyone who voted for me, thanks! And thanks Ryan, this list is fun.


    admin Reply:

    @Monica – I must admit, that was a fun paragraph to write, I a consciously snicker to myself hoping someone would appreciate it. Congrats on debuting so high.


  • Ryan-

    Thanks so much for putting this together- it is truly a fantastic resource. Each month I add more great blogs to my reading list. Congratulations, everyone!


    admin Reply:

    @Carla – Thanks for the kind words. I’m so glad we connected. I always love running ideas by you and getting inspiration from you. Can’t wait to watch your interview with Jun.


  • Ryan,
    Thanks again for taking the time to put this list together! So fun to be ranked again 🙂 Hopefully some changes coming soon will be well received and I’ll get more of your delicious insight and wonderful support!


    admin Reply:

    @Tiffany – I was glad to have you back. I’ve enjoyed the shift in your last couple of posts, keeps me on my toes. I’ll be on the look out for the other changes you speak of.


  • I am sure this has been debated but it seems to be clear to me, at least with this ranking, that this is a list of the top generation y/millennial bloggers and not a list of top blogs about generation y. The top three bloggers (I subscribe to all three) at least don’t seem to have that focus unless you take into account their age. If you look at their demographic data, it is probably going to be pretty diverse.

    And really, any topic besides perhaps adult diapers and retirement homes can be of interest to Gen Y and add value. I subscribe to blogs about sports, guitars, HR, technology, leadership, and food. Seems like a lot of talented Gen Y bloggers are left out while those writing with a focus on millennial “issues” have sort of petered out.

    Anyway, good list but I think it has shifted, at least this round.


    admin Reply:

    @Lance – Without a doubt there’s merit to your point, and it’s something I just stopped worrying about honestly. We could probably debate what constitutes this and that forever.

    And sure I could make it the top Gen Y Bloggers, but then I leave out great blogs like Bea’s, Penelope’s and others. And maybe the scope gets too big for me to handle? I am embracing the fact that the lines are fuzzy, and I am not concerned as long as I continue to have the opportunity to highlight some really good blogs.

    I bet the demographic data on a lot of these blogs is very diverse, but they do all kind of fall into one relatively similar umbrella niche, at least in my opinion (and Dan’s blog and book is technically ‘targeted at’ college students, recent grads and young professionals.)

    Thanks for your insight. I love that you never get caught in the “Gen Y Wind Tunnel” and always have valuable advice/comments/insights that cover a large variety of worthwhile topics.


  • I guess I don’t see them under any umbrella other than the fact that they are really good bloggers who happen to be under 30.

    I do struggle at the distinction that people make about who is Gen Y and who isn’t. People say my blog isn’t a Gen Y blog but it is simply because I don’t fit into the niche (umbrella?) or I don’t toe the line on commonly accepted ideals of Gen Y. But then I hear that Gen Y is supposed to be independent minded so how does my blog become an outcast?

    Anyway, I didn’t want to detract too much from some of the great blogs here other than to say that I thought it was a good collection of younger bloggers and not necessarily millennial niche writers as I’ve seen in the past. To me, it makes this a much better list.


    admin Reply:

    @Lance – By umbrella, all I meant was that they’re all more or less life after college, business-oriented blogs. I suspect at least half of these blogs wouldn’t call themselves “Gen-Y Targeted.” Some started that way, but have since grown, shifted, moved on, etc.

    I’m glad that you thought this list was a better list in terms of the overall quality of blogs represented, but one could also argue that there are only 3 new blogs and GREAT blogs like Ben Casnocha’s and Ramit Sethi’s got knocked out of the top 10.

    Bottom line is that it’s a hard thing to quantify and put in a box of *these blogs* — As long as we’re highlighting talented bloggers, I’m fine with the approach.


  • Ryan,

    What a great list! Like Carla says, it’s a great resource to see what’s new (at least to me) in the blogging landscape. It’s clear that you put a lot of time and effort into this list and post, and it’s very much appreciated! Great job and congratulations to all. I hope everyone keeps writing — I’ll certainly be reading.

    And, Ryan, thanks for the shout-out — I’ll check into setting something up on delicious 🙂


    admin Reply:

    @Susan – Definitely check into delicious, or you can just use reader (now that I think we’re gchat friends!) and share w/ a note so I know what to keep an eye on


  • As people know by now, I suck at the self-promotion game, so I am kind of shocked to see myself so high on the list. Nevertheless, whoever you are that voted for me, thanks – I am humbled by the fact that people out there want to read my stuff and find it enjoyable.

    And Ryan, thanks for all your hard work on the list, there are tons of terrific blogs here!


    admin Reply:

    @Nisha – Stop lying to the adoring public. You know you started an underground movement and paid random people to submit ballots with your blog at the top. You didn’t fool me by giving them all different lists either.

    Oh, and congrats 😉


  • What a great list of blogs! I’m honored and flattered to be in the top 10 among some of my most favorite blogs! Although there is some slight controversy around the list, the good thing is the list comes out every month, so it’s constantly evolving and changing and growing – just as our blogs do. Thanks, Ryan (and thanks to everyone who voted for Girl Meets Business!)


    admin Reply:

    @Angela – Thanks for you kind words about the list, and congrats on making one of the biggest leaps from the previous list.

    I don’t consider there to be any controversy surrounding the list. Lance has some valid points, but there will always be detractors (and Lance isn’t one). You can’t please everyone, and I won’t try.

    And the list is bi-monthly. Keep up the awesome work Angela!



  • So I know I’m wicked behind here, but OMG congrats to Nisha and all of my other friends that made the top 10.

    I was running around here getting caught up on what’s new in your world and I almost peed my pants to see my name on the “others recieving votes” list. So thank you. Even if it was like two people who voted for me, thank you to those two people.

    I’m honored to know Nisha, Ryan P. of Employee Evolution and Holly offline. I also have talked (read: attempted to flirt) with David of The Rest is Still Unwritten. I am also loving the idea of rating gen-y blogs! I’m now inspired to tag more stuff as gen-y and post more gen-y content.

    Thank you Ryan for an awesome list, as I’ve added a couple new links to my blogroll!


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