Top 10 Gen Y Blogs: August 2009

genYbadge2Couple of quick notes:

  • Thanks to all of you that continue to make this list possible. With your votes, your posts, and your encouragement of one another and our community, there’s no way this list could consistently come to fruition.
  • Continuing the trend, this month passed June’s total number of ballot submissions. Not by a whole lot, but definitely a handful of new ballots this month. Please continue to spread this list to your friends and fellow bloggers.
  • After you digest the list I’d love for you to stop by the comments section and have a dialogue with me (and others) on blogs you’d like us to consider for October’s list (and why), some of the blogs you’re glad to see make this list, who surprised you, what you think of the newcomers to the list, etc.
  • Feel free to grab the Gen Y Top Blog Badge from Flickr and add it to your blog (with or without a link back to here.

WARNING: I’ll say this again this month. Don’t scroll down super fast looking for your name. Read it really slowly where you can only see one blog on your browser at a time. It’s more fun and suspenseful that way. I promise.


Also Receiving Votes:
Enjoy It, Epic Self, Studenomics, Life Before Noon, The Highwire, The Mad Grad, Employee Evolution, Diary of Why, Slacker Reform, Bradley Will, Greg Rollett, Communications Catalyst, The 9 to 5 Alternative, Bargaineering, That’s All I Have to Say About That, Just a Generalist, McKinney-Oates Cereal, Gen Pink, A Beautiful Mess, Why Hasn’t He, Poorer Than You, Live Uncomfortably, Ben Casnocha, The Creative Career, Jun Loayza, Exile Lifestyle, Thrilling Heroics

The Next Tier:
More is Better, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, The Dating Jungle, Life is Like a Box of Chocolates, Work.Love.Life, Fever Bee, Twenty Set, Justice For All, Personal PR

On the Bubble:

Sydney Owen – Her blog convers namely social media, preparing for graduation, finding internships and jobs and how to set yourself apart from the rest.

Politicoholic – This blog is currently host to Nisha’s commentary about a wide variety of issues, mostly political and social.

Ophelia’s Webb – Musings and Ramblings from a no-so-average girl next door bumbling around the gorgeous metropolis that is Portland, Maine.

*Also, after you’ve read the list you might want to check out her #blogcrushes where you’ll find tremendous descriptions of a few familiar faces.

Modite – This blog gives career advice for a new generation of workers.

Twenty Or Something – Susan’s blog is a blend of career and personal development with a mix of creativity and reminiscence.

The Top 10 Gen Y Blogs for August 2009:

10. The Rest is Still Unwritten (RV) – Tech News and Random Ramblings from a 20-something year old bachelor.

David makes his triumphant return to the list after falling off in the June edition. In the past I’ve described his content as raw and fresh. Add eloquent the list. Maybe that’s what makes his writing compelling; the ability to shift gears, to simultaneously be at odds with his own behavior, empowered by the gift of life, and completely unpredictable in what lies ahead. I just hope he gets this speech written, or this might be the last we hear of him.

9. Location 180 (NR) – Most of the topics written here are about some combination of Sean’s passions: travel and entrepreneurship

Sean is a complete newcomer to this list, which isn’t necessarily uncommon, but always fun for me because I know many of you are going to subscribe to his blog right now. One of the primary reason’s he started his blog was to be held accountable for completing an extensive bucket list, including having a successful blog. Well, I’d say he’s well on his way especially if he’s able to transmute his daydreams into tangible success.

8. Brazen Careerist (10) – Penelope’s blog is about career advice, and her of course.

Penelope jumps two spots this week. Just when I get comfortable with what to expect from her, she’s able to shake the foundation of how much I could fathom someone of her stature revealing about themselves online, leaving my chin on the floor. I noted last edition how talented she is at making us think, but maybe it’s more than that. I tune in to her posts like an episode of LOST, and when I’m done I can’t decide whether or not I’m appalled, inspired, motivated to write or to take a shower. I think that’s a good thing.

7. The Lost Jacket (NR) – A blog based out of Boston, MA (authored by Stuart Foster & Carla Blumenthal) focused on social media, public relations, marketing and brand management for businesses.

Another blog making it’s debut on this list, and the only co-authored blog appearing this week. I liked Stuart just fine by himself. He’s outspoken, a little edgy. always contemplating, connecting and sharing the endless thoughts in his head. It doesn’t hurt that by lunch he’s commented on every blog in your reader. But then, you add Carla to the mix and you get a great dichotomy. She’s the right mix sharp, savvy and endearing, but bold enough to keep Stuart in line. What do you think? Are they up and coming bloggers?

6. Interesected (5) – Jamie’s personal blog where she writes about everything and nothing at the same time; anything she finds interesting or worth talking about.

Jamie drops a spot from her top-half debut on June’s list. Honestly, none of Jamie’s posts impacted me the way one small e-mail she sent me this past month did. And I can’t possibly be as creative as I was on her write up in June, especially with she and Sydney giving me performance anxiety on Twitter. So then what? Well this was my favorite post from the last month or so, and I love that she’s showing us a vulnerable side; in a movie she would finally have enough depth to be the lead instead of the “girl pretending to be hard ass.” I commend her for that, and I’m thankful she lets us share that ride with her.

5. Life After College (6) – Jenny’s mission is to provide simple, practical tips that help you focus on the BIG picture of your life…not just the details. Find tips and resources for life, work, money, happiness, productivity, personal growth and more.

Switching places with Jamie since our last week, I hope Jenny doesn’t brag to her cupcake brethren. That wouldn’t be nice. There are some bloggers that delve into theory and philosophy and dissect the abstract to find ‘meaning.’ Jenny’s the often the opposite, providing very practical and applicable advice with respect to her own life, that you could easily extract and use as your own. Whether it’s tools for personal finance, how to get organized, or how to distribute your paycheck you could do a lot worse than emulate Jenny’s approach. It was this little diddy about embracing uncertainty from one of her mentors that really resonated with me.

4. Ryan Stephens Marketing (NR) – With a primary focus on relationship marketing, RSM focuses on building intimate business relationships, particularly as it relates to components of online marketing.

I always feared the day my blog might potentially make this list b/c I don’t want to undermine the credibility of the list, or talk about myself. I’ll say this… for those of you who voted for me, I’m genuinely flattered – and I’m not going to downplay it for once because I feel like my content, particularly in June should’ve had me in the mix. That’s honest, and so was this post.

3. Owl Sparks (NR) – Carlos’ blog provides daily short posts on philosophy, marketing, social media, personal branding, love, friendship, questions, discussions and all that stuff.

The highest debut for August’s top 10 list, I’m proud to see Carlos make this list because I love his content, and because I think his unique approach adds variety to this list. I often need a very quick break at the office, which is perfect for reading one of Carlos’ posts, except for the fact that then I can’t concentrate because with a handful of words he’s propelled me into deep, critical thought. That’s a unique gift. Please don’t mistake brevity for lack of hard work. I assure you, especially with English as a second language, Carlos is all about hard work.

2. Small Hands, Big Ideas (2) – Musings and Inspiration on Technology, Career and Generation Y

Since this list made the transition to the voting process only Dan’s blog has made consecutive top 3 appearances. Grace changes that this week as she retains her runner-up status. What I love about Grace’s blog is the wide assortment of topics and approaches she uses. We have short nuggets of wisdom one day, longer more provocative pieces the next, pertinent research, and linky love on Fridays. Not only does she keep us engaged and on our toes with gems like this one, but she’s tremendous at calling attention to members of her community (and not just on Friday’s.


Life Without Pants Logo

1. Life Without Pants (1) – The blog about everything and nothing: Without restrictions, without cause. The latest on Gen-Y, technology, philosophy, and more!

Can ANYONE stop this guy over the last four months? Not only is he repeating as your #1 Gen Y blogger, but he also managed to find a brand new job. Someone call Joel McHale because this guy is having the best week ever. The best part? He did it all again w/o the help of 40 Gen Y Bloggers.

So HOW was Matt capable of re-peating? I personally think it’s because you’re only as good as your community and Matt excels at delivering value to his community, and has one of the most vibrant and valuable (<– does that count as alliteration) comments sections on any Gen Y blog. From practical advice to improving your own blog and social media efforts to in depth life exploration and insights the bottom line is… Matt continues to deliver!


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  • Congrats to Matt for taking home the Gold! Props to everyone else on the list! I’ll have to check out some of the blogs I have never read. Also, thanks Ryan for putting in the time to put this together!
    .-= Jackie Adkins´s last blog ..Smores + Facebook = Coleman =-.


  • When I think about Gen Y bloggers, I think about the community and friendships that have been formed as a result of just one small corner of the online world that we use to share our thoughts, opinions, and experiences. It’s pretty remarkable to see what can grow from that, pretty remarkable to see how that community is constantly expanding.

    I’m proud of the those who made this top ten list because it’s so well-deserved and speaks volumes to how they bring their community together, the content that they share, and, most importantly, the people that they are, and I look forward to checking out the other blogs and getting to know their authors as well.

    Congratulations to all and thanks, Ryan, for once again pulling the community together for this.
    .-= Susan Pogorzelski´s last blog ..You Gotta Be Still Before You Can Get Ahead =-.


  • Nice work Ryan! I’m happy to see I just barely squeezed out the 10th spot. 😉

    Congrats to Matt for taking #1 and everyone else who made it on the list!
    .-= David´s last blog ..Me? Blog Crush Worthy? =-.


  • I’m speechless.
    Just sharing that list with friends like Matt (congratulations man, your blog/community is admirable), Grace, Jenny, Jamie, Carla, Stuart and Ryan is a huge honor.
    Looking forward to connecting with the rest of the people here, like David and Sean.

    Let me get a little emotional here:

    When I started getting into the whole social media, blogging, gen y thingy, I looked for a community in my city (Buenos Aires, Argentina) JUST LIKE THIS.
    I’ve been reading many of these blogs and admiring all these bloggers way before they even heard of me. I wanted to connect with that community here.
    I didn’t found it. I really looked, but we just weren’t quite there yet. So I gave up.
    Then I realized that there were no barriers for me to engage here, with all of you.
    This started a long time ago, so I hope you’ll understand when I say that this is a huge personal goal come true.
    Really, this means more to me that you can imagine.

    Thank you all.
    .-= Carlos Miceli´s last blog ..The Thing About Appreciation =-.


  • Badass. Just posted this up on my new community/press/everything page:

    Thanks everybody!
    .-= Stuart Foster´s last blog ..Internal/External Collaboration: The Evolution of the Social Newsroom =-.


  • This is an awesome list! Love that Carlos is on the mark and you too, Ryan. You see it was all generated by votes, so it’s completely valid and reflective of the community. I’m always stoked b/c I find new blogs to subscribe to and new people in the community.

    ANNNND I’m flattered to be #2, again! Thanks for putting this together, it’s always exciting and rewarding to check out the list. Thank you to all who voted.
    .-= Grace Boyle´s last blog ..Women: Learn to Understand Your Emotions In the Workplace =-.


  • Congrats to Matt, Carlos and Grace, and everyone else who made the list!

    I believe the brilliance of Carlos’s blog rests in the fact that he can spark so much thought from so few words. I rarely leave his site without commenting.
    .-= Holly Hoffman´s last blog ..Your touted “workaholism” isn’t a badge of honor =-.


  • It’s an honor to be included on this list and to have reclaimed the top spot once again – both times, this has been a massive surprise. It’s clear to me now that I’ve laid the foundation for something that has a ton of future potential, and I will continue to focus on community and conversation through and through, because I see that in having the most value to you all, the readers. I’m only celebrating the 6 month anniversary this month and it amazes even me how far it’s come in such a short period of time. Thanks to everyone – it’s an honor to be included in such an amazing group of innovative thinkers. Cheers!
    .-= Matt Cheuvront´s last blog ..How Do You Sell Social Media? =-.


  • Congrats to Sean! I’m a “bucket lister” too, so it’s been fun to keep up on what other people are accomplishing.
    .-= Powered by Tofu´s last blog ..#96: Volunteer with SMART Reading Program =-.


  • I can’t tell you how surprised I am to actually be included on this list with so many other great blogs! I am really looking forward to getting to know these other bloggers and learn more about what they are doing.

    Thanks Ryan for taking the time to put together such a great list of people, I can imagine it must be time consuming.


  • GREAT list! It’s awesome to see so many twentysomethings like myself creating these great blogs. Thanks for putting this all together. I found some great new blogs to read!
    .-= Positively Present´s last blog ..want to be happier? stop avoiding unhappiness =-.


    .-= Cheila´s last blog ..Life: Is The Glass Half Empty Of Half Full? =-.


  • Congrats to everyone who made the list, especially Carlos, Grace, Matt, and you, Ryan!

    It’s nice to see some up-and-coming bloggers getting the recognition they deserve.
    .-= Monica O’Brien´s last blog ..Social media for small business podcast =-.


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  • Congrats everyone for making this wonderful list. Carlos – you definitely deserve to be on this list. Like Ryan said, you consistently write such thought provoking posts using such few words. I admire you all the more knowing English is not your first language! Yet you delve deep into philosophy and life. Great job.

    Congrats to Matt again for getting to the top! Amazing job and you are keeping up the good work for months at a time. That is dedication.

    Congrats Grace for doing such a great job! I love your blog too!

    In fact I love ALL the blogs on this list. Great job all! Thanks for all those who voted for me – I am very honored to be alongside these amazing men and women 😉
    .-= Akhila´s last blog ..What does “going green” REALLY mean? =-.


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  • Kim

    Congrats to everyone on the cusp, receiving votes and on the Top Ten!
    .-= Kim´s last blog ..Top Ten Reasons I’m Hooked on the Kardashians =-.


  • Hey Ryan, this is an excellent top ten list. It’s very interesting to see what our generation is doing out there. I think we are going to be a fountain of innovation as we have been exposed to so much as the internet is still in its infancy. I found you through Twitter and am now following you, we are @toptentopten. You can cross-post this to our site and link back to your site. We are trying to create a directory for top ten lists where people can find your site. The coolest feature is you can let other people vote on the rankings of your list.


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