Top 10 Gen Y Blogs Ballot August ’09


It’s that time again party people. Voting has opened for August’s Top 10 Gen Y blogs. You have until Wednesday July 29th, to submit your ballots. And thanks to Akhila Kolisetty for the badge on the left. If you’ve ever been featured on one of these lists feel free to grab the badge for your blog. Though I’d love if you’d link to here it’s not necessary. I know there’s some of you, that like me, are kind of tired of the Gen Y label. I’m with you, but for me, this list is about highlighting people providing valuable content for the rest of us.

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Recall the rules:

Below is the ballot featuring all the blogs that received votes last month. This is the easiest way for me to do the ballot. You’re more than welcome to use the comments section (or e-mail) to suggest additional blogs, and if they meet the criteria I’ll certainly add them. I know I forgot some, there’s probably even a duplicate or two. No need to complain, just help me out and I’ll ensure they end up on the ballot.

You can rank the blogs you submit any way you’d like, though I would encourage you to consider some of the following criteria:

  • Frequency of updates
  • Valuable and interesting links (embedded or in the blogroll)
  • Aesthetic (i.e navigation, functionality, and to some extent looks)
  • Ability to incite conversation, thought-provoking comments/discussion

The Rules:

  • The blogs must directly relate to or be authored by Gen Y/Millennials*
  • One ballot per person
  • Your ballot must have at least 5 blogs listed to be included – This is the one most people forget.
  • You -can- vote for your own blog
  • If you feel compelled to include a great post that showcases why you chose a particular blog I won’t hate you
  • Don’t try to game the system! When I get 8-10 ballots that all have the same blog #1, and the next four all the same, but slightly re-arranged. C’mon guys. It’s great to encourage your friends, but not at the expense of the lists’ integrity.

*For clarification purposes – This is not a list of the best Gen Y bloggers based on their demographic, but about the best blogs that deliver value for the Gen Y demographic. For example if a 26-year old writes brilliantly about the latest tech inventions, though he is Gen Y, he’s probably not a good fit for this list. The alternative is a 40-year old writing about approaches Gen Y can take to get a job in the current economic climate is very relevant. Honestly, I don’t mind that the line blurs as long as great bloggers get recognition. Take that for what it’s worth.

Please submit your list of top Gen Y Blogs to ryanstephensmarketing(at) no later than July 29th, 2009. If feedback from all of you indicates that a submission form would be a lot easier, I might create one, but in the meantime shoot me your lists.

Without further ado …

——————— Top 10 Gen Y Blogs Ballot ———————

Small Hands, Big Ideas
Life Without Pants

Brazen Careerist
Justice For All
The Mad Grad
Employee Evolution
Jun Loayza
Life After College

Ryan Paugh
Personal Branding Blog
Ben Casnocha
Gen Pink
The Rest is Still Unwritten
Twenty Set

McKinney Oates Cereal
Honey and Lance
I Will Teach You To Be Rich
Quiet the Thunder
The Dating Jungle
Poorer Than You
Life Before Noon
Sydney Owen
Girl Meets Business

Quarter Life Lady
Ryan Stephens Marketing
Diary of Why
Mrs. Micah
Gen Y PR Prescriptions
Personal PR
Why Hasn’t He
The Creative Career

Simon and Cole
Greg Rollett
I Hate HR
More is Better
The Dateable Dork
Green Panda Tree House
Andy Drish

That’s All I Have to Say About That
The Lost Jacket
The Spinks Blog
Thrilling Heroics

Live Uncomfortably
Ophelia’s Webb
Sarah J L West
Bradley Will


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  • I’ll go ahead and add a few to the mix:

    OwlSparks – Carlos Miceli
    That’s All I Have to Say About That – Jackie Adkins
    Feverbee – Richard Millington
    The Lost Jacket – Stuart Foster/Carla Blumenthal
    The Spinks Blog – David Spinks

    Who else?


  • Damn. I was looking forward to voting for “Life Before Noon”
    .-= Stuart Foster´s last blog ..How NOT to Go Viral =-.


  • Has it been two-months already? Wow. Killer list here – many of whom I would humbly turn over my crown to.


  • A few I would add to the list

    Thrilling Heroics (
    Location180 (
    Live Uncomfortably (

    All three are doing some cool stuff with lifestyle design, and would make worthy additions!


  • How come Ryan Holiday is not on here, easily trumping many of the above blogs in traffic.

    Ah yes:
    .-= Matt Daniels´s last blog ..How the ‘Father of Advertising’ Wrote and Designed Advertising =-.


    admin Reply:

    @Matt – I agreed with a good portion of what Ryan wrote in that particular piece. For one, it made me more aware of my own ‘perspective’ on this blog. Do all Brazen Careerist writers fit that mold? I don’t necessarily think so. Is the “Gen Y” label stupid? Perhaps. But that’s how I branded this list 6 months ago, it’s how people identify with it now.

    I’ve been explicit about the fact that I don’t really care what you submit, I want the list to be about highlighting talented bloggers that make us think. If I didn’t think he’d be appalled at being included amongst these bloggers, I’d be more than happy to have Ryan Holiday as part of that conversation.


  • Sam

    Definitely add Susan over at: (Just because I want to make my decision even more difficult :))
    .-= Sam´s last blog ..Say What’s On Your Mind =-.


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  • I think Ryan is a good guy but I would, in fact, be appalled to be part of this list. There are maybe two people on it who I wouldn’t consider to be either an idiot, a charlatan or a liar.

    And btw, what kind of world are we living in where the so called BEST writers fluctuate so much that they need a new list each month?


    admin Reply:

    Being semi-familiar with what you read, I suspect there’s actually 5-7 here you wouldn’t hate.

    And I’d contend that the best writers are consistently that, the best, but the quality of content they put out does fluctuate and could certainly change in the course of -two- months.

    I’ve been posting my favorite posts of each month for quite some time now, and it’s easy to see months when one man/woman is on their game. I just think that’s natural in the course of a few months. Sometimes the ideas that resonate are flowing, and other times your reaching. Especially those that feel compelled to put out content on a consistent schedule.


    Holly Hoffman Reply:

    What kind of world are we living in that the BEST fluctuate every month? Everything moves faster on the Internet. That’s the nature of blogging. One month you’re on a roll, and then two months later (and it’s every TWO months btw) a writer who’s shown promise has run out of things to say, slipped off the map, or shown themselves to be an abrasive ass who takes themselves too seriously.
    .-= Holly Hoffman´s last blog ..Your touted “workaholism” isn’t a badge of honor =-.


  • I would be honored to be thrown in the mix with this great company…. (Empowering Young Entrepreneurs)

    Cheers to your great blog Ryan!
    .-= Bradley Will´s last blog ..Thank You, You and You! I Open a Surprise Package Just For You =-.


  • Thrilled to be on the ballot again!

    I’m looking forward to seeing who takes the crown this month. Going to go Tweet about this and hopefully send some more voters your way.



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  • Andi

    Life After College by the brilliant Jenny Blake


  • Thanks Ryan!!


  • Just want to say thank you so much for including me here! I know I haven’t been writing much lately, but still very much appreciate the mention. Some of these bloggers are great. Looking forward to see who makes the list!
    .-= Akhila´s last blog ..Feature Friday: United Prosperity =-.


  • Hey man, thanks for including me again! I didn’t do so well last time up, so maybe I’ll get lucky for the August Top 10 Gen Y List.

    Yeah, Jen Kusack made it too! 🙂

    I’ll help spread the word of your ballot via Twitter this week. Good luck to everyone!
    .-= David´s last blog ..Know Your Sibling Role =-.


  • Damn, this is tough picking just five!

    I might be forced to flip a coin on some of these – I’m torn.
    .-= David´s last blog ..Know Your Sibling Role =-.


  • Five, Oh God the pressure!!!

    For now,I have to say David’s blog at The Rest Is Still Unwritten

    He is just straight out raw!! And his dog is adorable!!
    .-= Cheila´s last blog ..Time’s Lament =-.


  • Ok, Here are my top 5 🙂

    Sorry, I had to think about this one….

    David’s Blog: The Rest is still Unwritten
    Jen’s Blog: Welcome To The Jungle
    Angela’s BlogGirl Meets Business
    Jenny’s Blog Life After College
    The Dateable Dork’s Blog The Dateable Dork

    Can’t think of any other better blog to vote for. These are my best top 5 🙂
    .-= Cheila´s last blog ..Time’s Lament =-.


  • Always exciting to see the ballot pop up. Again, a fantastic list of bloggers and I still find some new ones which is exciting. Thanks for including me, I feel honored!
    .-= Grace Boyle´s last blog ..What If Your Company Had an In-house Smile Detector? =-.


  • Love to see the list growing! when I first started blogging, I so would have added every single person on the list to my google reader. But, unfortunately I don’t have the time pretend I can read this many new blogs.

    Thanks for all your hard work putting this together!
    .-= elysa´s last blog ..Gen Y and Boomers: Open Door Policy? =-.