Top 10 Gen Y Blogs Ballot for June ’09

It’s that time again party people. Voting has opened for June’s Top 10 Gen Y blogs. You have until Friday May 29th, to submit your ballots.

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Recall the rules:

Below is the ballot featuring all the blogs that received votes last month. This is the easiest way for me to do the ballot. You’re more than welcome to use the comments section (or e-mail) to suggest additional blogs, and if they meet the criteria I’ll certainly add them. I know I forgot some, there’s probably even a duplicate or two. No need to complain, just help me out and I’ll ensure they end up on the ballot.

You can rank the blogs you submit any way you’d like, though I would encourage you to consider some of the following criteria:

  • Frequency of updates
  • Valuable and interesting links (embedded or in the blogroll)
  • Aesthetic (i.e navigation, functionality, and to some extent looks)
  • Ability to incite conversation, thought-provoking comments/discussion

The Rules:

  • The blogs must directly relate to Gen Y/Millennials*
  • One ballot per person
  • Your ballot must have at least 5 blogs listed to be included – This is the one most people forget.
  • You -can- vote for your own blog
  • If you feel compelled to include a great post that showcases why you chose a particular blog I won’t hate you
  • Don’t try to game the system! When I get 8-10 ballots that all have the same blog #1, and the next four all the same, but slightly re-arranged. C’mon guys. It’s great to encourage your friends, but not at the expense of the lists’ integrity.

*For clarification purposes – This is not a list of the best Gen Y bloggers based on their demographic, but about the best blogs that deliver value for the Gen Y demographic. For example if a 26-year old writes brilliantly about the latest tech inventions, though he is Gen Y, he’s probably not a good fit for this list. The alternative is a 40-year old writing about approaches Gen Y can take to get a job in the current economic climate is very relevant. Honestly, I don’t mind that the line blurs as long as great bloggers get recognition. Take that for what it’s worth.

Please submit your list of top Gen Y Blogs to ryanstephensmarketing(at) no later than May 29th, 2009. If feedback from all of you indicates that a submission form would be a lot easier, I might create one, but in the meantime shoot me your lists.

Oh, and if anyone wants to make me a badge that people can use to post on their blog when they make the list, I’d be very appreciative of that (h/t Dan Schawbel for that idea.)

Without further ado …

——————— Top 10 Gen Y Blogs Ballot ———————
Personal Branding Blog
Twenty Set
Girl Meets Business
Employee Evolution
The Mad Grad
The Rest is Still Unwritten
Personal PR
Work Love Life

I Will Teach You To Be Rich
Millennial Leaders Y Blog
Ben Casnocha
Brazen Careerist
PR Interactive

The Schiff Report
Newly Corporate
Quiet the Thunder
Guru Gilbert
Andy Drish

Hard Knox Life
College Mogul
The Creative Career
Young and Frugal
Driven Leaders
Jun Loayza

Young Go Getter
The Office Newb
Keep Up With Me
Be Deviant
Water Cooler
Greg Rollett

Pipe Dreams and Professions
Gen Pink
Life Before Noon
Quarter Life Lady

The Millennium Marketer
I Hate HR
Two Notes Ahead
Gen Y PR Prescriptions
Ryan Paugh
Sydney Owen

Millennial Marketing
Honey and Lance
Working Girl
Life Without Pants
Life After College

The Lost Jacket
Small Hands, Big Ideas
Justice for All
Ophelia’s Webb


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