Top 10 Gen Y Blogs: June 2009

Be patient. Don’t scroll down yet. Let’s talk about a couple of things first.

  • Thank you to everyone who voted to make this list possible. It was far and away the most ballots I’ve received. Please keep spreading the word so that we can continue recognizing great blogs, and giving people new feeds to add to their readers.
  • Thanks to all the bloggers who leave all their blood, sweat, tears and carpel tunnel out there on the keyboard.
  • I’d still love for someone to help me create a badge that bloggers can proudly display on their blog (if they’d like of course – no requirement). Jamie V? Bueller? Bueller?
  • There are more personal finance and dating/relationship blogs than usual this list. I love that the spectrum of blogs featured is increased.
  • That said, I’m not sure a couple (particularly the dating blogs) are all that “Gen Y,” but hell if you’re reading them and voting for them, I suspect I’ll keep including them.
  • After you digest the list I’d love for you to stop by the comments section and have a dialogue with me (and others) on blogs you’d like us to consider for August’s list (and why), some of the blogs you’re glad to see make this list, what you think of the newcomers to the list, etc.

WARNING: Don’t scroll down super fast looking for your name. Read it really slowly where you can only see one blog on your browser at a time. It’s more fun and suspenseful that way. I promise.


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The Next Tier:
McKinney Oates Cereal, Honey and Lance, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, Quiet the Thunder, The Dating Jungle, Poorer Than You, Life Before Noon, Sydney Owen, Girl Meets Business, Work.Love.Life

Closer than you might expect; at least to blog #8 or so:
Ryan Paugh – Ryan’s blog of late has focused on highlighting interesting points of emphasis surrounding his brazen community.

Personal Branding Blog – Your #1 resource for personal branding online. this blog includes podcasts, interviews with experts, insightful articles, research reports, games and much more.

Ben Casnocha – A blog about entrepreneurship, books, current affairs, and intellectual life.

Gen Pink – Elysa’s blog about being a twenty something woman, and letting others know how our generation is different than those before us.

The Rest is Still Unwritten – Tech News and Random Ramblings from a 20-something year old bachelor.

Twenty Set – Insights into graduate school, married life, Chicago, new media, and being a passionate 20-something navigating the real world.

The Top 10 Gen Y Blogs for June 2009:

10. (Tie) Brazen Careerist (RV) – Penelope’s blog is about career advice, and her of course.Love her or hate her Penelope’s blog makes you think, and I suspect that’s why she’s always in the mix when I start assembling this list every other month. Rebecca says it best, “Just accept that she does a great job at her job – pushing others to think differently, learn about their own values, form opinions, and create dialogue.” Carlos had a great discussion on his blog about back story usually being unnecessary, though with Penelope it’s so damn interesting that’s why you read her posts in the first place.10. (Tie) Justice For All (NR) – Akihila writes primarily about human rights, but also mixes in social enterprise, social media, and her musings on work and life.I love that this month’s blog features lots of new writers like Akihila, but just as important, a breadth of topics that span a lot further than just ‘social media,’ and marketing. She’s been pumping out a lot more content than a lot of the blogs on this list, and all of them are insightful and feature a wealth of depth. Make sure you check out her piece on the importance of social change.

9. The Mad Grad (7) – These ladies dish out advice based on their own experiences that they hope will be helpful in your quest for the perfect job, house or roommate!

Ashley and Jenny were #1 on our inaugural list (well, once we started the voting process), and one of only four blogs to make all three lists so far. The ladies have great chemistry with one another, just recently surpassed their one year of blogging milestone, and continue to consistently put out content that covers a wide variety of really interesting topics affecting Gen Y and the transition from college to the real world. As a side tidbit, I love that they’re unafraid to share some pretty random stuff; it keeps them feeling ‘fresh’ for me.

8. Employee Evolution (5) – Dedicated to helping the millennial generation answer the hard-hitting questions that come with the biggest transition of their lives.

After two weeks of holding steady at #5, Ryan dips down to eight. Is it any coincidence that Penelope jumped up this week? I suspect it’s an elaborate conspiracy to overtake Ryan has the go-to Brazen blogger for this particular voting community. The fact that he remains on this list in spite of his volume decreasing is a testament to the value he provides when he posts, or his ability to lure people to vote for him with placement on Brazen’s main page. I appreciate that he provides real advice based on real experiences and doesn’t piggy back on re-hashed content from the Gen Y echo chamber.

7. Jun Loayza (NR) – This blog documents Jun’s successes and failures throughout his journey as an entrepreneur,and his attempt to balance love for his startup with love for his girlfriend.

It’s about time people started taking notice of not only the sheer volume of value Jun is providing, but also the quality and relevance of his posts. With extremely practical and useful posts, and a keen eye for a solid aesthetic and vivid visuals that really breathe life into his posts, there’s little doubt in my mind Jun’s a grinder; one that is going to succeed at all costs. In addition to his writing, he’s put a lot of time and effort into growing the “Gen Y” community (along with others on this list), something we should definitely commend him for.

6. Life After College (NR) – Jenny’s mission is to provide simple, practical tips that help you focus on the BIG picture of your life…not just the details. Find tips and resources for life, work, money, happiness, productivity, personal growth and more.

Practical. Consistent. Relevant. There are countless ways to describe Jenny’s blog, but they all boil down to one thing, tremendous value. Covering a very wide spectrum of issues that face Generation Y, I genuinely feel Jenny is just starting to hit her stride, and that’s scary, because she’s had some great posts lately (and her community is responding via a wide array of thoughtful commentary.) Make sure you check out her two part series on creating a professional development strategy. (Part IPart II)

5. Interesected (NR) – Jamie’s personal blog where she write about everything and nothing at the same time; anything she finds interesting or worth talking about.

What can you say about Jamie? She’s kind of like a beautiful mess. And I mean that in the best way possible. She does a tremendous job of stripping off all the layers and exposing her core and what makes her tick. I hesitate to lump her because she’s certainly got her own unique approach, but if you’re unfamiliar with her work you could probably liken her to Penelope or Holly. She’s equal parts insightful, intuitive and down right hilarious. Reading her thoughts on screen sometimes feels like a brilliant painter slinging paint on a blank canvas; always a treat.

4. Politicoholic (1) – This blog is currently host to Nisha’s commentary about a wide variety of issues, mostly political and social.

I don’t know what to say about Nisha’s blog that I haven’t already said the last two editions of this list. Until the last few ballots trickled in, I thought she might very well repeat. She was neck and neck with the #1 blog on this list before a late surge by a couple of talented ladies. The more I read Nisha the more I realize that it’s not just that she’s one of the few Gen Y bloggers that attacks politics in such a profound way, it’s not that she’s kind and generous and always contributing to other people’s blogs, and it’s not that she is great at engaging her community. None of those things hurt, but the fact is, Nisha is just a brilliant writer. Make sure you congratulate her on her new job and wish her luck in Washington, DC.

3. Modite (6) – This blog gives career advice for a new generation of workers.

From 8, to 6, to 3, Rebecca just keeps climbing the Gen Y top blogs ladder. Like Nisha, I’m running out of nice things to say and she didn’t add any new features like vlogging or agree/disagree this month, but it doesn’t take most readers long to realize Rebecca has a wealth of experience, a great since of practicality and a phenomenal ability to convey her messages to her readers. If you did an average comment per post, I suspect Modite’s ratio is higher than most on this list so evidently what she’s writing is resonating with her readers. Besides, by now we all know that just trying isn’t good enough.

2. Small Hands, Big Ideas (NR) – Musings and Inspiration on Technology, Career and Generation Y

I prefaced this list on Twitter as one that would shake things up, and it certainly has as Grace Boyle’s blog makes its debut in the number two slot. My first inclination is to ask why nobody has pointed this blog out to me way before now, but this should be about Grace. Speaking of which. Stop reading. Seriously. Go to her blog now and subscribe. WAY more than 47 people need to be reading her blog. Okay. I’m done now.

Whether it’s showing us inside an intimate moment with a friend, giving us great advice on how to relocate, highlighting local businesses in a way that makes me care knowing I’ll probably never encounter any of them, or generously linking out to others, Grace is very deserving of this debut. But don’t believe me, go read her content. Well, right after you check out the #1 blog for the Month of June!


1. Life Without Pants (NR) – The blog about everything and nothing: Without restrictions, without cause. The latest on Gen-Y, technology, philosophy, and more!

I cannot lie, in the back of my mind I thought he’d make a run. Hell, I’ve been telling anyone who will listen this last month to keep an eye on Matt because he was up to some big things. One of the BEST I’ve encountered at engaging his community/readers and really generating enthralling conversation in the comments sections of his posts. (There’s as much value there as the posts themselves.)

You have to go back just a bit in the archives to find a lot of content posted by Matt himself (which is worth it by the way) because the month of May has been devoted to his Inconvenience of Change series. I absolute love the fact (free book aside) that Matt was able to bring together over 40 Gen Y bloggers to contribute to a really phenomenal series dissected from countless different angles. Go check it, and Matt’s other content out. I assure you that you won’t be disappointed!


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  • To everyone reading this. I honestly don’t know what to say (maybe a first for me, as I usually have more than enough to talk about). I would have NEVER guessed I would be at the top of this list. To be voted on by my community of blogging peers as the BEST Gen-Y blog is an honor and a privelege.

    It’s extremely humbling to know that so many of you have been able to connect with my writing, and have taken something away, something memorable enough for you to come back again and again. The community I’ve been able to establish in just a few short months has been incredible, and I owe it all to you – because in the end, that’s what it’s about.

    My focus is and always will be on the community. I fail to see the value in writers who talk AT their readers, I want to be someone who talks WITH the community – because I’m one of you – I’m not an expert on anything I write about, and I don’t claim to be. What I (believe) I am good at, and what I CAN do, is facilitate engrossing conversation and encourage critical thinking. Blogging is designed to be interactive, it’s give and take, and in the end, we can and should all learn and grow from one another.

    I just want to say thank you, to all of you, to say this is an honor is an understatement. It is a milestone for me as a blogger and a writer. Ryan, cheers to you for putting this together. And to those who may be reading who haven’t come by my neck of the woods, I encourage you ALL to come by and join in the Pantsless community!


  • Sam

    Ryan, so happy with the way this list turned out! The top 10 are all totally deserving. These bloggers were already my blogging role models, and I’m lucky to count some of them as friends as well. By the way, lists like this are a great way to show appreciation, and you know I’m all about that, so great job! Congrats everybody!


  • Wow, I’m floored and really humbled. I often say, if one person walks away from my blog having learned something or made a new connection, then I am fulfilled. This is amazing that votes came in from everywhere and I’m so happy to be featured amongst some of my greatest blogging friends and happily take the 2 spot to Matt and his AMAZING Life Without Pants blog. I”m such a fan.

    Thanks again to everyone who voted. My blog content is often inspired by you; the bloggers and generation y community.

    Thanks also to Ryan for putting this together. You’ve created quite the forum and community here, on a blog with content that I definitely trust and wholeheartedly appreciate. I’m honored to be part of June’s Top Ten Gen Y blogs!


  • Wow Ryan – I’m extremely happy to be on this last and very honored, as well as surprised! Thank you to all who voted for me and to those who read my blog. I appreciate it so much – I just want to get the word out there about important issues and news and it makes me happy that people are listening.

    The other bloggers on this list are phenomenal, and all of them are people I’ve subscribed to and read on a regular basis. I am honored to be in such great company and every blog on this list has compelling and interesting content, worth checking out. Congrats to Matt and Grace – they have done a great job and gotten to the top of this list, and are well deserving of it.

    Also I can perhaps make you a little badge if you want. Maybe I will try to come up with something, and you let me know if you like it? Jamie would probably be better than me at designing, though..

    Thanks again Ryan for taking the time to put this together. I appreciate your effort!


  • Okay now I’m floored! I was shocked when I made the list in April, and a little slide up for me this time too. I’m honored to even be on the ballot, because quite frankly, I didn’t know anyone was reading my stuff. So that’s awesome.

    This list is amazing because it puts a face to the name for me with some of my Brazen friends, Twitter friends, or blogs that I read. Oddly enough, everyone on here is someone that I’ve been in contact with in one of those realms. It’s great to see what my fellow gen-y’ers are thinking about.

    Thanks to whoever got me on this list (and no, I don’t think my mom voted) and congrats to everybody! We are the future. Think about that.


  • @Matt – I think you’re pretty spot on in your assessment of your skill set. You’re definitely a talented writer, but I think this #1 spot is in part because as you say, you ability to “facilitate engrossing conversation and encourage critical thinking.” Congrats again on the top spot. Now see if you can be the first person to hold onto it!

    @Sam – Thanks for the kind words. There’s a lot of really great newish blogs popping up (yours included) that people are starting to take notice of, and I was really glad to see a shake up in the list this month. I pride myself on being pretty well read within this community, but even I find 4-5 new blogs to read based on these voting results each month. And as you’ve alluded to, it’s about giving recognition to bloggers who are providing good content.

    @Grace – I’m starting to see a theme here with emphasis on community.  Congrats on your quick ascension to the #2 spot. The question now is, are you going to dethrone Life Without Pants? And thanks again for all the kind words. I’m glad you give validity to the content on my blog. Most days I try to watch what people like you, Matt, and Rebecca are doing and emulate what works for you guys and aligns well with my own brand. I learn so much from all of you!

    @Akhila – I don’t think it’s necessarily just the important issues people are drawn to, but the passion in which you share and convey those issues. If it’s not too much trouble, I’d love if you could whip up a badge. I don’t know that we necessarily need anything ‘fancy,’ just something that says something like, “I’m a Top Gen Y Blogger. Click to Check out the List.” (Something like that? Better ideas?)

    @Sydney – Everyone knows Aaron paid everyone to vote for your blog so he’d seem like a good mentor. That said, I will confirm that I don’t think I received a ballot from your mother. Congrats on your slide up, and keep rockin’ that blog even when you get busy and move to ChiTown!


  • Things I find funny: I forgot to vote for my blog.


  • Very impressive line up! I am in awe. Congrats to all!

    I am really honored to have met/crossed paths with many of you via twitter and been introduced to all these wonderful and inspiring blogs!

    Excellent effort!! Keep it up 🙂


  • Thanks for putting EE on the list, despite my lack of posts lately! Expect to see more in the near future.


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  • @Stuart – There’s always August.

    @Shereen – Thanks for the kind words. What an awesome group of bloggers and without them, and everyone who voted this certainly wouldn’t be something we keep doing every other month.

    @Ryan – Looking forward to the increase in volume. Always been a fan of your thoughts.


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  • Wow, I am in complete shock that my humble little blog has made its way onto a list like this. Wait, does that mean that people are actually reading it??? : )

    Thanks and congrats to all!


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  • Ryan, thanks so much for putting us on the list! Lots of great blogs on here, it’s an honor to be in the group.




  • I’m with Lance – thanks for the shout-out!


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