“Who’s Got Your Back?” Book Review

Keith Ferrazzi is partially responsible for this blog existing. It was after reading Keith’s last book, “Never Eat Alone” that I transformed my thinking on relationship marketing and I started this little place on the web.

Now, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of reading an advanced copy of Keith’s new book, “Who’s Got Your Back?” and I want to share with you some of the most important insights I found in the book.

The premise of the book is that you can’t get to the top, or anywhere for that matter, relying solely on yourself and that the key to achieving your dreams comes from having “lifeline relationships.” Keith teaches you how to build these trusting relationships that won’t let you fail.

Check out the video review below, and then if you’re still interested – the notes after.

Here are my 4 Key Takeaways:

1.) Whether you want to surround yourself with a dream team or not, you should ensure that you’re practicing the four mindsets in your life: generosity, vulnerability, candor and accountability.

2.) Sparring – do it frequently, with people you trust, people that can help you grow. A great quote from the book, “The goal of an argument is not a victory, it’s progress.”

3.) It’s about collaboration not compromise. Speaks for itself eh?

4.) This is a great book for leaders. By the time you finish it you can’t help but think, “Man, it’d be awesome to work for a guy like Keith.” He’ll challenge you to get better, but you can also approach him candidly and tell him what he’s doing that adversely affects you and what he could do to make you a better employee, and consequently make the business more profitable.

So who’s this book for?
1.) Anyone who genuinely wants to take their career and personal life to the next level via a team/trusted group of advisors
2.) Leaders and people in managerial roles
3.) Fresh-faced college grads that want to get a leg up on their peers

If you’re interested in purchasing “Who’s Got Your Back?” or “Never Eat Alone,” you can find them on Amazon here. If you purchase from this link Keith’s team will be buying me a beer. If you’d rather not here’s the link minus the affiliate URL: “Who’s Got Your Back?”

  • I loved Never Eat Alone! Will definitely have to check out his new book. Although my one complaint is that for a relationship expert, he doesn’t seem to know how to use Twitter. Someone should teach him. Like you Ryan! 😉