Why You Can’t Work at Work

Lately we’ve been having some great discussions about things I’m passionate about improving in the workplace like having more successful meetings, and the importance of alone time. Rich chimed in with a potential solution for some of these problems, telecommuting.

Today, I want to take that discussion a step further. Here’s a relatively short video (6:43) from Jason Fried* (37 Signals) on what’s wrong with the structure of the modern workplace:

Some of Jason’s solutions are: shifting collaboration to more passive things to avoid disruption, changing managerial approaches, and realizing there’s rarely business emergencies.

Most of you that read this blog are probably smarter than me so here’s what I want to know:

1.) What are some other problems you’ve witnessed in a traditional workplace? Inefficiencies? Hierarchical structure?
2.) What solutions do you propose for the problems Jason diagnosis (in addition to the ones he mentioned the video)?

I’d like to spend some time discussing both with the hope that together we can continue identifying problematic scenarios, I can discuss how’d I’d fix them here, and then you can come back and build off of my analysis so that we come up with an even more viable solution.


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*Jason has inspired a lot of my thinking on how to optimize business for productivity, profitability, morale, and more.